Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I love a girl who dares to be different! And Michelle was certainly a bride with her own sense of style! She looked absolutely captivating & chic in her passion-red gown.

One more of Michelle in her dress (she looks so fab, I couldn't resist!).

The dress was a surprise for Dustin, who waited anxiously to see her at their First Look. I love this tradition of the groom offering his bride-to-be her bouquet. Click PLAY below to see their romantic sequence.

They were mesmerized with each other.

The ceremony was just as poignant.

And their reception at Hazelmere was gorgeous as well, thanks to the luxe design of Kim at Wedding Design Studio.

Dustin and Michelle had a dreamy first dance. And then partied the night away like the rock stars they are! Hope you guys had a fantastic time on your Vegas honeymoon!


One Blank Canvas said...

Lynn --- My anticipation is growing day by day... I CAN'T WAIT!!

Captivating Studios said...

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my blog. I was hanging out with TimCo. today and he couldn't stop talking about how incredible you guys were, and I just now finally checked out your work, and wow, you guys ARE incredible. I love all your out of the box kind of shots, especiallyl these of the bride in the red dress. How fun! I hope our TimCo. connection lets us get to meet someday! Keep in touch!

Brooke Turner said...

Oh my goodness - INcredible!!! I especially love the detail shots. I think I just found my new inspiration! :)

Crystal said...

These are beautiful!! I LOVE the red dress! Your work is amazing!++

julie said...

oh, my word. i. love. the dress.

i love your work! the first picture is my favorite.

oh, man. you're good.


Candy's Photography said...

These shots are so cool!!!! I adore that dress!!! The detail shots totally rock!!!++

cforet1 said...

Awesome work! Love the shots of this bride in her red dress in the field. HOw awesomely brave to wear red and she matched that with her free-ness in that field. Cool. You work is breathtaking!

Be blessed,

Davina said...

Holy cow! I love the red gown! And of course, you did a gorgeous job with the whole day. I keep on meaning to stop posting on your blog but I just keep seeing more of your amazing images and just can't stop! Wow. Wow. Wow!

Divine Reflections Photography said...

Very nice work! I love the spinning dress image.

Leann said...

Wow! So dramatic and beautiful!

Rudy said...

I love the groom's socks!!! Great photos.++