Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cans for Comments - Thank You!

A grateful heart + a little idea + a lot of kind blog readers + a ton of awesome photographers + hundreds of comments + 221 cans piled up in our backyard + a trip to our local food bank + thousands more cans donated to food banks all across Canada & the US = a big fat WOO-HOO!! for cans for comments!

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." ~William James

Thanks blog readers for sharing the luv! Still wanna help? To donate online, go here to give to the Peace Arch Community Food Bank, here to donate online to Canada Food Bank, or here to donate to Feeding America.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


*** It's the last 24 hours for Cans for Comments (see below)! Give us some feedback and we'll give some cans! Here in Ocean Park, we'll be donating to our local Food Bank.

Our comment can count is at 142 cans now - wonder if we can surpass 200?! Thanks everyone who has commented & who is doing the same thing in their own community! Keep Sharing the luv!

It's always an honour when a fellow photographer chooses us to be there on the most important day in their lives! And especially when that photographer is the super-fun, super-dynamic, super-hilarious Sarah. She is a hurricane of energy & we had such a blast with her on her wedding!

She's super-hot too :)

Getting a smooch from the flower girl.

The flowers.

If Sarah's the hurricane, then Kevin is the eye of the storm - centered, cool & calm. I love this portrait of him.

He carried his grandfather's pocket watch.

Their portrait session started out nice and traditional...

...but then Sarah pulled out her rainboots.

And things got fun!

I love these two spreads from their album:

A little more fun in the billiards room at Vancouver Club, one of our favourite reception locations.

The candlelit room looked so romantic.

These two know how to tear up the dance floor!

Last shot of the night. Congrats Sarah & Kevin!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cans for Comments Goes Cross-Continent!

Wow!The spirit of giving is truly awesome! Cans for comments has spread from coast to coast. The can count is rising rapidly & we are so stoked that so many others from Canada & the United States have joined in to help out their local food banks. Why not grab big coffee & a big cinnamon bun & spend some time browsing blogs, checking out great imagery & sharing the luv with some comments?!

In NYC, our gritty-on-the-outside, softie-on-the-inside, dear friend Jason Groupp, known for his edgy (and sexy!) I Heart NY Sessions.

In Connecticut, the inspiring Justin & Mary. These two are seriously fun; we just want to hang out and drink some venti peppermint lattes with them! They also happen to be the founders of an incredible organization Portrait House which raises funds for Habitat For Humanity - check them out!

Industry leader & founder of Modern Photographers, Mark Eric hails from down south in Louisiana. Post on his cans for comments entry at Rocktographers while you're checking out the most jaw-dropping ring shots you've ever seen!

The ultimate photographer lovecat & weddingbee blogger, Anne Ruthmann, in Massachusetts.

David & Kimi of Ohana in California - aloha spirit, oh-my-gosh-amazing images, and a killer style!

And the list of generous (and not-to-mention fabulously talented!) photographers keeps on growing (I can't keep up!)! Enjoy!

And of course, you gotta check out Rielly's Cans for Comments vid on his blog Jerk With a Camera!

**Added on Wednesday ~ More & more people doing this on their blogs - woo-hoo!

Vancouver journalist Loxy, luxury wedding planner Blue Orchid, Graphic designer Retropsective, & photographers from around the world: John Waire, Melanie Mansfield, Chantel Stone, MetroBluePhoto, R Peters, Curtis Moore, KampPhotography, Heather Garland, EveryLittleMoment, Nicole Hensley, Rob&Lauren, Lisette Price, RedPhotoCo, Catie Ronquillo, Melanie Driedger, Deb Thompson, Nick at The OtherAngle, Edison Photography, Susan B, Asim Soofi, Josh Solar, Misty Dawn, lorenw, Erica May, LivingProof, MKD, Smith Gallery, Amie Otto, Lynsey Peterson, Michelle Sidles, Ultimate Image Weddings and even Catherine Sparks from all the way out in Germany!

If you are doing this too- add a comment with a link to your blog so people can check it out!

Keep those comments for cans coming! I think we're going need a REALLY BIG shopping cart come Thursday!

"The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have."