Monday, October 02, 2006


A gorgeous bride and groom + a night in Vancouver= some dramatic images!

Beautiful actress Amy and her handsome British groom Oliver decided to take advantage of our signature B+G Sessions and head out on the town a few nights after their wedding for some dramatically different portraits. They caused quite the stir in downtown Vancouver, literally stopping traffic!

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself! Before the night shoot was their beautifully romantic wedding on Bowen Island.

The dress.
The shoes.

The view.
The bride.
And the groom.
Who were very much in love.A few nights later, it was downtown for our B+G session. We love to do these shoots either after or before the wedding as it gives us lots of time & freedom to get really creative!

And anything and everything is possible - this summer our pre and post wedding shoots have taken us from the streets of San Francisco to the skyscrapers of NYC to the top of Canada's tallest sand dunes.

Amy and Oliver wanted to do their B+G session in downtown Vancouver at night - the place they spent a great deal of time when engaged!

They got romantic in the middle of Robson Street.
And on its sidewalk.
Before doing some sexy shots on the bridge.We ended up at a bar on the waterfront where Oliver first met Amy - he fell in love after she served him a beer.I love the reflection on the bar in this shot.It was a fabulous night!
Congratulations Amy+Oliver!


Tony said...

Hot stuff, Lynn & Chris!

Anonymous said...

Chris and Lynn
Oliver and I couldn't be happier with the shots! They are BANG ON. We searched for a photographer that was willing to take some risks and come up with some original wedding photos. We didn't want anything typical and are so thrilled you shared our vision. We will flaunt them with pride, Thank you so much!! XXX

Nicola Walter said...

Dear Amy & Oliver,

Wow - I am blown away by those pictures! Huge congratulations to you both - I wish you all the happiness in the world. Would love to hear from you soon, or whenever you land in Vancouver again.



Karen said...

Wow, wow, wow. Chris and Lynn, you have such a great style of photography. If our photos look half as great as these, I will be over the moon with happiness. Can't wait!

jason groupp said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these shots! Your night time stuff is inspiring!! I gotta come west!!

erwin said...

OMG... WOW....Love all the shots.. You are my inspiration..... Thanks for all your Awesome work...

Davina said...

SO hot!!! I absolutely love that last shot! It's gorgeous, sexy, and amazing lighting! Care to share what you did to get such an amazing image? :)

Chris+Lynn said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. Amy +Ollie made our work easy. We did enjoy experimenting with our video light in the bar.