Monday, October 23, 2006


What do you get when you add scooters, a dance contest, and bare feet? One super-fun wedding! Jasmine was one of the most exuberant brides ever & her day was filled with laughter and joy. She and Kenny were all about celebrating every moment.

The guys arrive in style.
Jasmine and her father were super-excited about walking down the aisle.

What a day for a beachside wedding!
Kenny gives his new wife a piggyback across the sandflats.Until she challenges him to a race!
The happy couple nose to nose.
And on route (via scooters) to the reception on Granville Island.

Jasmine in her shades (look, there's Kenny in the reflection!).The most crazy cake-cutting of the season. With a butcher knife!

Instead of a first dance, they had a dance-off! Some smooth moves of the guests (a la Andy Warhol).

Speaking of dancing, check out the bride!

Love this shot by our second shooter Tim Beckford who came up from Florida to hang with us.

Although they loved to laugh, Jasmine and Kenny loved to snuggle too!

One of my favs from the day - loving the interesting light and lines.

Congrats guys!


allan z. said...

love your work! spontaneous! and great angles! ++

Brooke Turner said...

Wow, you never cease to amaze me. I especially love the images of the dancing bride, and the reflection in the shades is priceless! Awesome, awesome awesome!!

Karen said...

I check your blog every day and all I can say is I'm so glad we hired you two! You guys are the best photographers! See you summer 07!

C.J. Scott said...

Hey guys! I come to visit your blog and of course, see you rockin' it as usual :) I'm not surprised to see such beautiful and consistent work. It's all very inspiring! ++


jason groupp said...

Those sunglasses are OFF THE HOOK! I love the images! I MUST come out there soon for a "shoot off". :)

As always you guys rocked the house. Love 'em.

Tim Co. Photography said...

nice work guys!!! killer images, so humbled to have worked with you...!!

Chris+Lynn said...

It wouldn't have been the same without you Tim!

Anonymous said...

I'm Jasmien from Belguim, I think the photos look gorgeous.

PS my boyfriends name is Kenny! :)
that's why i left a comment, I think it's funny to know there's a couple with the same names

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your work is amazing! I have so enjoyed just browsing your blog. What great inspiration! God bless, Kari