Friday, October 20, 2006


Lisa & Kevin's wedding was all about the art of simplicity. Everything, from the clean lines of Lisa's Alfred Sung dress, to the silhouette of her Calla Lily bouquet, to the couple's intimate lunch reception, spoke of their love for classic elegance.

A sunlit morning to get ready.

Just look at Lisa's expression when she sees Kevin waiting for her at the end of the aisle.
And Kevin looking back at her.

Their rings were especially important to them.
Lisa's joy at being married!
And a quiet moment between husband and wife alone on the beach.

And on the dance floor.

One of my favourites - I just love the moment, especially in rich black&white.
But colour is fun too!
Congratulations, Lisa & Kevin! It was such a lovely day & we're so glad we could share it with you.


Lloyd said...

Beautiful captures++!! Looks like it was a beautiful day. Great work!

Shelby said...

Now that is a ring shot!! You've got some awesome, awesome images!

Beth said...

Gorgeous photos and that sky...WOW!! ++

Captivating Studios said...

Fabulous as always! And wow, what a sky! ++

Perspectives Photography said...

Wonderful images! I love the black and whites ++

Bumatay said...

WOW! I love your post process work, the tones are gorgeous. I heard so many good things about you from Timco. (don't be afraid to slap him if he ever talks down on jpg, LOL) ++
I finally checked out your website as well, you're both awesome!

Jan Garcia said...

Fantastic images. ++ What a beautiful location and a beautiful couple. The dance floor photo where they are touching heads is just great.

One Blank Canvas said...

Hey question for you guys.... The wedding that we are shooting in Spokane on the 11th... Did you do a engagement shoot with the couple??

I'm getting my plane ticket today!

Oh and BTW... check out my blog for my new logo and some new pics!

--- Gregg

Julie Walton Shaver said...

I love the ring shot, and of course the sky. Wonderful work, and so inspiring! Thanks for all the great ideas!

erin kate said...

wow, your images are fabulous! so sharp + the composition is great in all of them.


Davina said...

You two are just stinkin' amazing! I love everyone of these images. Your macro work is absolutely gorgeous. You are very inspiring. I love seeing your work!

Jill Higgins said...

Your detail shots are incredible and the shot of the bride with the clouds - wow! And the last one with the red - I've got to go back and look some more!! :) ++

Kurt Hilmerson said...

Beautiful images you guys!++ You post work is amazing.

I love the image of the bride standing on the rock with those gorgeous clouds.

I'm inspired.