Friday, October 10, 2008


As sweet as a cherry - that is the delicious-sugary-goodness that is Chery & John's love. These two were so giggly and flirty with each other all day! It was so much fun to spend their day with them.

It began at Hotel Vancouver where Chery got ready for parts one & two of her day - allowing John into her suite and then heading out for some city shots.

Two dresses and lots of sparkle!

While Chery got ready, John takes a walk on the wild side with his boys...

Before donning some lipstick and shelling out some cash to see his bride.

Pure sweetness.

Outside for some urban portraits.

Love the lines & textures in this cool underground setting.

Some fun around town and then it was out to Swaneset for a gorgeous sunny-day ceremony.

Chery planned her colour scheme at the ceremony & reception around her name - purple & red for cherries! Decor and floral by the fabulous Kim & Andy at Wedding Design Studio

We Do.


Some portraits on the grounds of Swaneset - such a great venue.

Playing with the backlight & shadows.

Lovin the light.

Chery greeted her guests at the reception with martini glasses filled with cherries - such a fun personal touch.

And everyone had fun with the bejewelled point&shoot cameras!

Final image of the night.

Congratulations Chery & John!


Amber Hughes said...

I always love seeing your locations for bride and groom portraits.. you have wonderful ability to make just about any location look glamorous and enticing! Another wonderful set... I especially love the shots in the window at the Vancouver hotel... yummy!

Laura E @ Southern Weddings said...

YES! I love the bride's dress. Stunning, beautiful and bling. Thanks for sharing these fantastic images.

Byron Brydges said...

Love all the details - such tasty saturation!

I really am taking a liking to the shot on the stairs! How did you light that?!?

Fab job!


ben & laura harrison said...

love the b&g shots ... just incredible.

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

haha the lipstick is rad!!!

ross said...

amazing photos guys, love the last photo especially

Lisa M. McGainey said...


Bethany said...

you are amazing with lighting! great job!

McArthur Newell said...

Details. Details. Details. You guys nailed it!