Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Me! Sessions

In addition to photographing loads of fabulous weddings this season, we have also been having tons of fun bringing the C+L style to portraiture! Creating images that really reflect who you are at this particular point in your life, whether you're a toddler or a teenager, is just so rewarding.

We've connected with so many great Southridge grads while doing our Me! Sessions & we're so grateful to them for introducing us to an amazing charitable organization: the Cinderella Project! We're really excited about strengthening our bond with the people there who work so hard to help underprivileged teens take pride in their education & celebrate their accomplishments.

Here are some of our favourites from some of our recent portrait sessions.

ME! Session: ERIN

Erin has so much energy & enthusiasm! And she tells the most hilarious stories. She had Chris and I in stitches the entire shoot. She told us she lives her life "as if it's a big adventure" and I know she is going to have tons more stories to tell us after her trip to Australia. Have fun, Erin!

ME! Session: ELISSA

I just love Elissa's smile -there's just that little bit of mischief behind it! Ever since I taught her in Grade Five, she had an amazing creative spark - and now she's headed off to Ryerson to explore her writing further. Knock 'em dead in TO, Elissa!

ME! Session: JAMIE

Jamie is so laid-back and mellow. She has such a sophisticated maturity plus she gave me a great vocabulary lesson - apparently, i need to drop the word 'awesome' and replace it with 'chill'. And with her sense of style, she's definitely my new fashion consultant!

ME! Session: EMILY

Emily's such a natural in front of the camera - she was so relaxed & was up for anything! Whether it was hanging out in front of a rusty (and pretty darn dirty) old warehouse or lounging in the middle of downtown.


Byron Brydges said...

Oh man!

You guys are killing it. Love what you both are doing. Just fantastic stuff! My two faves are the shots with the wet pavement at dusk, and the last one of the lady in the chair. Did you drag that chair out to the shoot? Looks almost french provincial to me!

Again, 'chillin' job!


C.J. Scott said...

Beautiful portraits guys! Killer 4th shot of Erin.

Amy Martin said...

Killer images you guys! I could pick your brain for a while just based on these images alone! :)

Oh, and I LOVE that chair in the last shot... do you know how long and how hard I've been looking for a chair just like that??? I think I've hit up every antique store/Salvation army on the east coast! Grrr... ;)

Oleksandr Havrylyuk said...

Gorgeous women! And they pay you to shoot them? :)

Serena said...

i'm always so excited when you post something new b/c i can't wait to see the images! really great work!

Jenni said...

Erin looks exactly like Mandy Moore - especially in that last shot!

Jamie Delaine said...

Wow! You guys have been busy. I LOVE the last chair shot and the one at the pier. Beautiful!

Tim Halberg said...

once again... and again, and again... wow.... you guys rock!!! what fun shoots!! I need to work on marketing this stuff!!!

Bumatay said...

My goodness your ME Sessions totally rock!