Wednesday, August 22, 2007

C+L=Fun Lifestyle Portraiture

Wow! We just love photographing kids! They have such an energy & innocence about them ~ we really feel privileged to capture it with our cameras. The other day we had a great time photographing two absolutely adorable sisters: Hannah and Rachel. It was so fun to see the girls open up to us as the session progressed. Hannah was super-shy at the beginning but when we left she asked her mom to invite us to her sleepover! And by the time Rachel got into her pink tutu, she was hamming it up for us with those big gorgeous eyes!

One of the best parts of this US! Session was when we turned on our answering machine the morning after we sent their parents the slideshow of some of our favourite images. Press play & turn up your volume to hear why we were so happy to hear Hannah & Rachel's mom's message:

What a truly special feeling it is to be able to share in this family's happiness. Here are some more of our favourite images from our afternoon.

Hannah. Eating blackberries...

Playing with dandelions...

Being contemplative...

Flower picking...

And smiling her beautiful smile.

Rachel. What a sweet little princess!

Hamming it up...

A little more serious...

And just being a kid!

My hubby is just a big kid at heart too - I love these silly shots of him with the girls!

Thank you Kathy & Steph for sharing your beautiful family with us! We had such a wonderful time.

We are looking forward to bringing our C+L style to lots more US! Sessions: Lifestyle photography for children and families. We know all our brides love to see our weddings on this blog so we'll be launching our portrait site in September that will keep you all updated on our new collections and albums especially for kids, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and even the family dog!


ed pingol said...

you guys are totally awesome!!!

i have several individual portrait sessions coming up when the wedding season slows down later this year... can i name my portrait sessions as "ME" sessions after a couple of photogs i regularly stalk? = )

i guess it's like me asking for your blessings when we start doing individual portrait sessions. = )

all the best,

Jillian Kay said...

incredible!! i love how brightly the little girls' personalities shine through in these photos, they are just such cuties. (i want to hug you too, and they aren't my kids!)

J+J Adrian said...

Wow, You guys are totally inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Those are the sweetest shots! Makes me want to be that young again! Great to see you guys have a good time too!

Btw.. wish you were around when I was a kid, it would be great to have those priceless photos of me and my brother! :)


Rachel Brooke said...

I found you off of Jamie Delaine's blog and I just think your work is fantastic! I love these children's portraits- such vibrant colors and you seem to truly capture their personalities!

Jamie Delaine said...

Lynn & Chris!! So great! I'm so glad you posted the phone message you were telling me about. haha, I love it. So sweet. That's just the best feeling in the world.

This session was amazing. I'm so glad you guys are starting to do portrait shoots more often! You have an incredible style and I love to see it.

The flower shots: priceless!

P.S. My family wants a quote on some portraits in the next few months.

Justin Marantz said...

WOW! Great stuff as always guys! I LOVE that last (super wide) one of the girls running. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Studio Foto said...

We Have been stalking you blog for sometime now. We love your photos. If I ever get a chance to ski whistler maybe we can meet. Until then,


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Tim Halberg said...

haha... tooo fun!! and great images!

It's such a blast being able to shoot together huh!!

Anonymous said...

oh my! these are incredible pictures! you two are amazing... my kids are so next!

tammy lyon