Thursday, August 16, 2007

Friends +Fun+Learning

We played hooky from the office this week and spent a few days with Mike Larson (California surfer, triathalon addict, gourmet burger-maker & originator of the camera toss) and his equally fabulous wife Rachel on our sailboat in the San Juan Islands.

There's no better way to rejuvenate your creativity than to slow down, take a breath, and watch porpoises break through the glassy ocean...We had a great time talking about life, our goals, and how honoured we feel to work in the world of photography where we get the opportunity every day to build incredible relationships with our clients as well as our fellow photographers.

Chris & I feel so fortunate to have connected with so many talented and giving photographers, here in Vancouver as well as throughout the US. Sharing and learning go hand in hand & we have really been loving having other photographers guest shoot with us & doing the same for them. And we've met some incredible friends along the way.

We're also pretty psyched about the decision we made this season to give five new photographers who are super-eager to learn the opportunity to break out their cameras with us at weddings. Learn by doing - that is our mantra!

Which is also why we're super-stoked to be a part of Revolution: NYC Shooting Sessions this fall. The workshop isn't about listening to lectures, discussing marketing, or all that other business stuff. Instead it's about what we love and what we do best: shooting, baby!

We're joining two very different photographers - cool-as-a-cucumber Westcoaster TJ Cameron& Mr. NYC himself, PJ speed-shooter Jason Groupp for two days of intensive hands-on sessions. The workshop is filling up fast & we're totally excited to meet everyone & have a blast in NYC! Here's a short preview (shot by LauraAnn Cinema) of the fun we're gonna have!


Jillian Kay said...

Sounds like a fun week!! The new workshop sounds incredible, and I'm bummed I can't fit it in. Can't wait to see the amazing creativity that emerges from Revolution!

Katherine said...

Hey Ya'll!! Just wanted to send you some love from Louisiana!!! Muah! I'm sure the workshop will be a blast!!!


Tabitha & Larry said...

Looks like an amazing workshop. And I like your mantra too!

Justin Marantz said...

WOW...looks awesome guys! I wish we could join you for all the fun!

Bumatay said...

and some love from Cali too!

I wish I could make your shooting workshop - I would have signed up but I'm gonna have my second baby next month! I'll be looking out for the date. You all are awesome!

Chris+Lynn said...

Thanks guys! We're excited! And CONGRATS Bumatay - that is so wonderful for your and your family!