Saturday, August 04, 2007


Gwen & Rico's day was so full of smiles and laughter. Both of them have such an exuberance for life and genuine love for each other. We met the couple through the fabulous Yendi+Pat so we knew their wedding day was going to be a blast!

G+R were so much fun, we have literally hundreds and hundreds of favourites from their day! So hard to pick, but here's a few!

Getting ready...

And looking radiant.

Moments before the aislewalk.

The ring-bearer.

Tilt-shift at the ceremony? Why not? :)

Kate+Niko: these two cutie-pies took their jobs very seriously.


Showing the love - Rico and his best man Fred.

All the boys.

Gwen & her girls.

A beautiful bouquet,

For a beautiful bride.

Told you these guys had energy!

I think this image is classic Vancouver - we always try to evoke a sense of place in our images.

The reception was filled with lots of tears and laughter, but when Gwen's sister sang to them as the couple had their first dance together, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Pat+Cyrus+Crown=guaranteed rowdiness!

And the party continued long into the night! Congrats G+R!


Justin Marantz said...

Wow!! You guys always have SO many great shots! I love the one of the bride looking in right before the ceremony! Check out all of the cool messages in the stonework and inside the church... Awesome!

Derek M said...

Gorgeous images. You guys always seem to capture everyone's real personalities so well. That last image is pure PJ. Nice.

jason groupp said...

+1 for what Derek says! And you know I love the PJ stuff! :)

That's a lot of Canadian green they've got pinned to them.

Amazing - beautiful imagery as always.

Justine Ungaro said...

These are wonderful! I especailly love the mirror shot. :)

Byron Brydges said...

Num num! The couple must be loving every image. It's like honey for the eyes - great job!!

Jillian Kay said...

stunning! i love love the composite of the bride! you always bring out the personalities of your subjects in such a beautiful way.

:: Louis Palos :: said...

Love your new blog and site, where have I been! Killer images like always.


Tim Halberg said...

freaking awesome! Soooo many great pictures!! Nice work!

colinmichael said...

I can't wait to get myself some C+L Mojo!
See you in 2 weeks :)

Anonymous said...

The wedding venue is beautiful! Where did they have their ceremony and reception?