Monday, February 14, 2011

Erica+Raffaele=Enamorado! | Baja YOU+ME Session

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erica cerra pictures 

erica cerra wedding
Happy Valentine's Day! What better way to celebrate love than sharing Erica+Raffaele's Baja YOU+ME session! Cacti+Mexican hacienda+two happy newlyweds=a fun shooting adventure in the desert near Los Cabos. Enjoy!

erica cerra wedding


ghazal said...

every single shot is absolutely STUNNING. time & time again, you guys never fail to produce magic from behind the lens.

Lori Miles said...

ay carumba! you guys are unbelievable!! gorgeous couple, gorgeous setting and spectacular images!!! xoxo

colinmichael said...

C+L+Cabo+gorgeous couple+gorgeous event+PERFECT!
Nice work!

Claudia Morales said...

Oh my... Perfect shots!!! Congrats!!