Monday, November 10, 2008


Personalities that fill up a room, warmth & laughter that that overflows it, and classic old-world beauty. Michelle and Daniel have so much energy together - they were practically bouncing with happiness the whole day. Suave and chivalrous matched with grace & style - a perfect couple!

Some of our favourites:

Getting ready.

I love how little Dani the flower girl is gazing up at the bride!

The beautiful Michelle - look at those eyes!

Daniel doing the Windsor.

And looking good before heading out to the church.

That moment of anticipation.

We've never seen this tradition of the groom greeting the bride & her father halfway down the aisle instead of at the alter before - it makes for such a nice vantage point. Love how the backlighting adds so much depth to this image.

One of my most favourite ceremony shots ever.

The wedding party was crazy-hot!

And crazy-fun! Bar-stops and shooters during the photo session - yup, we do have the best clients!

Oh yeah, bride and groom? Crazy-hot too :)

Simple & forever: Love.

Oh, 5o 1.2, how I love thee.

The Fairmount Waterfront was all decked out in rich tones of brown and gold. Melissa from the Ivory Room made sure everything ran smoothly. Laura, from Laura Ann Cinema captured the moments of the day.

Michelle and Daniel were in their own little world during their romantic First Dance.

Michelle & her father share a laugh.

Daniel literally swept his mom off her feet - I just love this sequence!

And of course, then things got crazy with the wedding party: dance-off!

Congratulations Michelle & Daniel - can't wait for you to see your gorgeous album design!


Gabe said...

2 words...beautiful and perfect. Well done.

Rae Barnes said...

These are absolutely stunning! Nice work! "That moment of anticipation" gave me chills.

Byron Brydges said...

Oh yes! Spectacular! I don't even know why I use adjectives anymore. I'd be better off just showing a picture of myself with my jaw on the floor! Love the dance sequence as well!



SyreenaB said...

that 50 1.2 is AmaZinG.....can't wait to try it out!! I am a newbie photog in Southern New Jersery and I just came across your blog. these images are amazing....and the one of the wedding party in front of the stone wall is phenominal...I gotta find one of those walls in Jersey...wish me luck...LoL

Chelo said...

stunning stunning!! Just amazing!

ben & laura harrison said...

you guys rocked this one ... love the b/w tilt of the couple ... just beautiful!

March Seven Photography said...

My 50mm is my favorite too. So sharp.

ed pingol said...

2 words...beautiful and perfect and inspirational and awesome and fun. Uhhh, maybe I needed more than 2 words. =)


ed pingol said...

simply amazing guys. you guys are my hero.


Nick said...

Wow, you guys are awesome. I've bookmarked you... It's blog-stalking time! :P

Deidre Lynn said...

Completely amazing.

Darcie Brown said...

Beautiful work. I wish I had photography like this of my wedding!

Ariel said...

Gorgeous as always! You guys never disappoint in documenting the emotion of the day and the love, happiness and style of your couples!