Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ahh...what a perfect day. One of the first sunny Saturdays in Vancouver for Robin & Jerome's big day - and it was a beautiful one! These two are so devoted each other - and their deep and true love for each other shines through in all their images.

First some of Robin's bling bling.

Getting ready. And beautiful.

Finishing touches for Robin.

And Jerome.

A private moment between Robin and her father before they walk down the aisle.

The ring bearer approaches - what a cutie!

"We did it!!"

I love Robin's expression in this one. And that Vancouver backdrop is pretty nice too - no matter where we get to travel, we always love coming home to the mountains.

Robin's brother affectionatley described the bride as "a dorky nerd."
Pretty darn hot nerd, I say :).

And Jerome's pretty easy on the eyes too.

Love the pink and purple colour scheme.

Robin's brother delivering a heartfelt, hilarious (and most daring!) speech ever.

Traditional Chinese shenanigans.

Bride and groom cakes - and an eager photographer (hey, I think I recognize that fabulous couple!)

Jerome putting on the moves during the couple's first dance.

Congratulations you two - hope you're enjoying Bali!!


Chelo Keys said...

So gorgeous!! I'm sure you guys here that all the time!

But these are very stunning!

Stacy Cross said...

Awesome pics, you guys! I love this wedding and your couple is gorgeous! Congrats!

Byron Brydges said...

Super, creamy, gorgeous, fun, bright! I'm always adjectived out when I comment on your stuff. I want a photoshoot with you guys...

Again, a pleasure for the eyes,


Holly said...

Stunning...WOW you guys are just incredible!