Thursday, July 03, 2008


Wow! What a wedding! Kris and Lauren's grand affair at Turnberry Isle in Aventura, Florida was an incredible production - literally! It was also the perfect first wedding for our new venture (a collaboration of Chris+Lynn & TimCo - more about that later!).

But with all the media, 600+ guests, and surprises (mid-ceremony thunderstorm, Cirque de Soleil performers, and end-of-the-night fireworks), this day was really about two incredible people and their intense, genuine love for each other.

Kris and Lauren met in high school and quickly become best friends. When Lauren was the victim of a crime, Kris was her confidant and biggest supporter. He was there for her as she overcame a family tragedy to become the vibrant, strong, passionate person & activist she is today. In turn, she is his most bubbly cheerleader as he pursues his career as a professional golfer. Together, their enthusiasm for life is utterly contagious to everyone around them!

When Lauren & I talked about photography, she told me that moments - real moments - were most important to her. Here are some of our favourites.

Getting ready for the big day.

Kris receives his groom's gift.

Some of Lauren's stunning details.

Beautiful bride.

Ceremony details.

Lauren's walk down the aisle with her father was emotional for everyone.

I got a little dewy-eyed when I saw this sequence Tim captured.

The skies cleared as the couple said their vows.

I love this moment!!


Classic portrait.

The Turnberry Isle Resort ballroom details were off-the-hook. The amazingly calm and efficient Annette Winkler from Turnberry and White Light Event Design made sure everything was just perfect.


These two know how to cut up the dance floor!

Lauren and her father.

Kris and his mother.

Time for the Hora!

I love how this image of Tim's tells such a story.

Mr Book goes for a ride!

Lots of smiles, laughs and tears during the heartfelt speeches.

Lauren & Kris love Cirque de Soleil - and they loved their amazing performances!

Cake time!

Headed outside at the end of the night in a golf cart to see the fireworks.

Perfect end to a perfect day!

Congratulations Lauren & Kris!


miengsaetia said...

All I can say is....WOW! Seriously? WOW!!

What an incredible wedding! And the images you guys captured: WOW!

Seriously...Wow. Great job!

Studio222 Photography said...

Wow! Amazing wedding! Ya'll are so wonderful. And yay for Timco! He shot my wedding ;)

JenDavis said...

Just incredible! Way to take a great opportunity and completely rock it!

Michelle Moore said...

HOLY WOW! This is probably the most amazing wedding I have ever seen, and the best wedding photography EVVVAAA.....It's like the best of the best moments all in one crazy awesome wedding!! What a beautiful couple :) Jewish weddings are the BEST!

Matt Radlinski said...

Ummmmmmm wow? What a stunning wedding, and equally stunning photographs. Just amazing all the way around.

[ Jami Photography ] said...

Wow! What an amazing venue and couple. You guys captured their day so brilliantly. I love the reception shots.

Kris said...

Who Rocks?? Chris + Lynn + Timco. Does!! We Love you!!

Chelo Keys said...

Insane. Gorgeous! The way you guys capture light never ceases to amaze me. What a wonderful story!

Ceece said...

Holy cow! I must admit I'd love to know the budget of that wedding!

Seriously though, the emotions that you guys were able to get was perfect!

ben & laura harrison said...

these pictures are just incredible - you guys rock!

Lara Casey said...

I LOVE this wedding! There is so much love in these images! Stunning work!

Anonymous said...

found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later