Sunday, November 04, 2007


Roop and Rav's wedding day was so rich with tradition and emotion, it's hard to know where to begin. The love these two kind and giving people have for each other and their families was tangible and we were so honoured to be there. I'll let the images tell the story.

I love the sparkle and colours of Roop's dress, shoes, and jewelry.

A quick portrait before the ceremony of the gentle, kind, and absolutely stunning Roop.

Her groom's joyous arrival at the temple.

The Sikh marriage ceremony is called the Anand Karaj, which means the blissful union between two souls.

Roop and Rav were not permitted to speak during the ceremony, but we did catch them sharing this meaningful look.

After the ceremony..singing, dancing, and celebrations!

Rav barters his way into Roop's family home to see his new wife.

After Rav enters Roop's home, there is a farewell ceremony as Roop leaves her family to join Rav's. It is an incredibly emotional ritual, made even more so by the fact that Roop will be leaving Vancouver to join Rav in Toronto.

I took this image though the window of the car - I really like how the silhouette of the contemplative Rav frames Roop's emotional goodbye to her father.

The couple then drive to Rav's family where they are greeted by his parents.

Afterwards, it's time for the party! Rav sheds his beard and Roop puts on a new outfit for the reception at the Law Courts downtown. They look so happy!

Will their love conquer the Vancouver VS Toronto rivalry?!

Let's just say the TO contingent was pretty strong.

Congratulations Roop+Rav!


Amy Martin said...

Look at all that beautiful color... I love it!

mary beth said...


Thanks for all of your help at Revolution! You two are an amazing (not to mention talented) couple!


mary beth

Jonathan Thrasher Photography said...

Absolutely stunning you guys! really really great work. FANTASTIC!

Kimberly Jarman said...

Gorgeous as always!! Beautiful job!!

erich camping said...

Amazing images! By amazing photographers! You both are truely special!

Tim Halberg said...

AMAZING amazing amazing images!!! Over and over! you guys freaking rock!!!

The tie thing... cool shot, but what the heck? ;-) sweet!

Bumatay said...

Incredible wedding images - there's just so much eye candy it's overwhelming! I'm drooling...

Byron Brydges said...

Okay....props for sure! Such sweet saturated colour. Expressions are caught with wonderful timing and none of the richness of the day was missed. 3 words: FAB...YOU....LUSS!!!


J Sandifer said...

Beautiful wedding and Amazing coverage! Really love the image through the car window!!

Frank DiMeo said...

Wow Chris and Lynn, WOW!!!
I am loving it big time!
The shot of the ties is so funny, but the shot of Roop and her Dad through the car windows...what can I say? That may be the image of the year, if not the decade. I saw it on J's blog as image of the day and had to drop what I was doing and run right over here.

It was so nice to finally hook up with you two in NYC! I loved it and can't wait until we cross paths again. You two are so much fun, and soooooo talented.


Leanne Pedersen said...

gorgous always!
great seeing you last night Lynn! hoep to do it again soon!

Nikki McLeod Photography said...

WOW!! Love your work, just come across it via DWF!!

I just burst into tears at the dad and daughter photo, it is amazing!

I love the Leafs/Canucks shot too, we are Canucks fans in Scotland; infact we were in your lovely city last month for the Bebbinar, we love Vancouver!

I have added you to my blog stalker list!

Fred Egan said...

Hi GUYS! That tie shot rocks! Great job :)