Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ever since Betty moved to Bejing to be with Toby, their life has been one grand adventure! And their wedding day was no different! With their ceremony at the regal Hycroft Manor (one of our favourite venues!), a trek to the top of a skyscraper, and a midnight stroll by the downtown city lights, their first day together as husband and wife was filled with excitement -and we were so glad to be along for the ride!

Some of our favs from the day!

Beautiful details.

Beautiful bride.

Toby was one happy guy seeing Betty walk between the pillars and down the stairs toward him.

Love the colours in the Solarium!

Snuggling in the elevator on the way up to the top of the Bentall Centre, Toby's corporate headquarters and one of Vancouver's tallest buildings.

Okay, so giant air conditioners may not seem that romantic, but they sure make for some cool images.

On top of the world (with no guard rails - gulp!)!

The guys climb down and down and strike a pose.

And the girls goad Betty and Toby on!

We had to walk through the ventilation room to get back to the elevator - we couldn't resist creating some images there too.

Don't worry - we got some more classic portraits for mom at Stanley Park - always one of our favourite locations - so very Vancouver.

The reception was full of love. Betty and her girls have known each other since grade five! There was not a dry eye in the house when Betty thanked them all or when Kelli sang to the couple.

An impromptu first dance - my favourite shot of the night.

Well, except maybe for this one - so glad you guys snuck out with us to create this night portrait. Hugs to both of you!


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C.J. Scott said...

*sigh* Beautiful job once again my friends. You never fail to inspire (I feel like a broken record

Amy Martin said...

I know you've said you like to create a "sense of place" in your images. I think you've done that beautifully! Perfect images, guys!

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sticky said...

Wow! These are really smokin'! You know how to do it right!

ed pingol said...

i love the industrial stuff. totally my type of photography. awesome stuff guys!


W+K said...

Very stunning. What a perfect day !Wink Wink

Bumatay said...

These images are stunning! I love all the rooftop shots, and that first dance with the lightflare...

Byron Brydges said...

/* think I deleted my first comment */


Wunderbar job. Looks like the B&G gave you ample leeway in which to capture their day, and the time to get it all done. Always dessert for the eyes with you both. Fresh, bright and very solid portraiture.



jules said...

Sorry, no time to leave a comment. I have to go look at the images some more... bye.

Stunning, as usual! Thanks so much for the inspiration. The bride and groom must be so happy!

Jillian Kay said...

insanely gorgeous. the rooftop photos are just incredible, and i love the lines and composition of number!

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