Monday, April 23, 2007


Who is this yummy guy? I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing more of Zander Bleck soon. With talent and attitude larger-than-life, this singer/songwriter is on the brink of super stardom. Zander is the voice and the driving force behind Monument, a kick-a$# NYC rock band about to sign with a major label.

We had a blast photographing him around the city.

My favourite - love the classic look of this image.
At midnight that night, we shot him performing on stage at Crash Mansion in Soho. And if you think he looks good, ummm, you should hear him sing.

It was an incredible show!
We were introduced to Zander by the beautiful Barbara, and of course we photographed the two of them together as well. The couple is so gorgeous, a roving band of NYC paparazzi shot us shooting them! Stay tuned for their images.


Laura said...

Ooh, he does make for some nice eye candy, you're right! I'll keep an ear out for him if he hits the radio airwaves.

Darla said...

GULP...I buy whatever he's selling. The photography is amazing as usual.