Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Me! Session: Alex

In my very first job as a fresh-faced teacher out of university, I had the wonderful privilege of working at the best elementary school in BC! There, I got to teach, and learn from all my wonderful students. Including the incredibly talented Alex, who was accepted at one of the most prestigious universities in North America for design. It was great hanging out with him in the Big Apple!

Here are some of our favourite images from our shoot with him in the city - so hard to pick less than a dozen!

Can you tell he's taking courses in fashion? (He gave Chris a few good tips!)

This wall was perfect to show off another side of his personality. This was one of Alex's favsThis was one of Chris'. Love the wide angle (but even when you click on it to see it bigger, this size doesn't do it justice - it needs to be printed BIG!)

We couldn't stop laughing when we reminisced about Alex's role as the dancing Grasshopper in the Junior School Musical (and the costume of his co-star, the EarthWorm). Hey, wait - didn't that Grasshopper's Peach land in NYC at the end of the show?

And last , but not definitely not least, one Alex said he thought "his mom would really like."
This one is for you, Cathy!

Thanks, Alex! It was so great to see you again & I can't wait to see what success lies ahead for you!

Chris and I love doing innovative portrait sessions - if you or someone you know might be interested in having a ME photo-shoot, let us know. And keep an eye out for our new teen website especially for Senior School students - coming in Fall 07!


Tim Halberg said...

Very fun! Love that first shot! Totally agree on blowing up the wide-angle HUGE!!!

Jill Higgins said...

Awww...I taught elementary school too. What a hottie Alex is! You really rocked it out on that shoot! I bet his mom will love them ALL!! :)

Gregg Hicks said...

Ok... We gotta get you two out to Colorado so you can shoot some pics of me and we can have some fun in Denver!!! I miss you guys!

Chris M said...

cool - these pics look like they're from a fashion magazine.

Peter Chung said...

Great shots! You made him look like a model!++

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Evrim said...

I really like that wide shot, that building is quite photogenic, I wonder what it was before it was a cool background!! Very Cool Indeed!!

Dany Ruiperez, fotógrafo said...

Fantastic... spectacular... amazing... georgeous...

You have a perfect work!

Hopefully someday i can make photos like yours.

Greetings from Spain!!!