Saturday, April 07, 2007


It's that time of season again - engagement portraits! And we got to start with Betty+Toby, two warm, genuine people who are just so in love! They live in Bejing right now but were back in town for Betty's birthday and to do some planning for their big day. With her impeccable style (check out those haute boots!), I have no doubt their wedding at Hycroft will be one of the highlights of our summer.

Speaking of Betty, not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she's also one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She had the great idea of sharing random "tidbits" with each other each time we email so we can get to know each other better: now I know all about her adopted Bejing dog Poppy, their fav vacation locations, and Toby's impressions of Conan O'Brian! And she knows all about Chris and my silly habits (like hiding random notes around the house for each other to find!).

Here's some more of our favourites:

Can't wait for your nuptials, guys!


Amy Martin said...

I get so happy when you guys post. :)


Neal Jacob Photography said...

Sweeeeeet! I <3 that first shot! ++

Bumatay said...

What a HOT couple. I love that image with the red background.

Leh Choong said...

wow! amazing! i love the engagement photos u guys shoot! so much fun!