Monday, November 27, 2006


Lynn's shooting a baby right now (okay, that sounds weird, but you know what I'm talking about) so it's my turn to write the blog. Yeah! My first post since March. I'll keep it short & sweet.

Victor & Liz are a great couple. I mean look at them. She's hot & he's handsome. Makes our job easy.
Here's one of Lynn's shots. It's of her favourite subject: shoes.
Here's another one of Lynn's shots. Her second favourite subject: clothes.
Back to Elizabeth. This shot's mine & I like it a lot. Like that photographer dude in the Centrum commercial says "I work with the science of shadow and light." LOL.
Gorgeous smile.

Some favourites from the church.
I love these fun bridal shots Lynn got. Watch out America's Next Top Model - the doctors are in the house!
Fall fun.

The reception was at Terminal City Club and the room was all decked out by Art of the Party.

We snuck out during the reception to hang out in the middle of the street with Liz+ Victor. As the cars sped by, Victor said to us, "Could we do some normal shots now?" Normal? Nah!!!!!!

Congratulations Liz+Victor & thanks for dodging traffic with us on your wedding night!



ead said...

woohoo! beautiful series there!

Tim Co. said...

incredible, I really love that shot that you love and all the others for that matter ha ha! I think you should write the blog more often! Its deffinetly nice to hear your take on things Chris!

Dustin Izatt said...

Oh my goodness, these images are simply breath taking. I love the dress shot and your details are amazing, they look so relaxed for the camera and look very comfortable. Great job!! :) ++

Candy's Photography said...

WOW!! Absolutely Stunning!! Like Lynn, I love the details! You guy's are amazing!++ :)

Jillian Kay said...

wow. these are exquisite!! the shot of her walking down the aisle with her father just made me gasp. such striking images, i'm so inspired!

Kenneth + Elaine said...

Hey guys! just thought we'd drop by and send ya some love. Beautiful awesome shots. Keep on rockin'!

If you're ever in E-Town, drop us a line!

Alexis said...

the series of shots against the red wall are so lovely, what a great idea!

adi sudjana said...

These are incredible shots!