Monday, December 04, 2006


Robyn and Billy are the kind of couple you just adore the second you meet them! They were so excited to be getting together with all their friends and family from around the country. Despite the blizzard the day before their wedding, everyone arrived safely to join them at their alma mater, Gonzaga University.

Robyn got ready in one of her old classrooms. The buttons sewn the back of her gown were from her grandmother's wedding dress- what a beautiful tradition!

And what a beautiful bride! I love the drama of these shots.

The campus grounds offered lots of great spots to shoot - like this fire escape the guys climbed.While the girls snuggled together below to keep warm in sub-zero cold!The university chapel was filled with warmth.
Hooray - married!When we first drove into town, we found this old cigar factory & just loved the texture of its brickwork. On route to the reception site, Robyn & Billy braved the windchill factor so we could get some cool portraits here.
It was dark once we arrived at the Davenport Hotel, truly one of the classiest hotels ever. (If you're ever in Spokane or near it, stay here! The 1912 architecture is incredible & moreover, the friendly service offered by everyone, from the doorman to the wedding coordinator, was unparellelled!)

A balcony view of the elegant couple.And a ballroom view of husband and wife's first dance.


Sara said...

I love love love all the black and white photos. They ARE so classic. Every week when I check your blog I'm so glad we chose you guys to be our photographers!!!! Can't wait til July 07!

Shannon Rice said...

Hey Chris & Lynn,
These truly are amazing photographs. I am one of Billy & Roby's friends that attended the wedding as well as involved in the bridal industry down here in Scottsdale. HANDS DOWN you are one of the most talented photographers! You captured their moments perfectly! Glad you enjoyed Spokane & the beautiful Davenport.

Robyn said...

Chris and Lynn,
To say we are thrilled is the understatement of 2006 AND 2007. Billy and I are absolutely blown away by the beautiful photographs. It was amazing to live each moment of our special day. It is equally amazing to relive it through your eyes.
Thank you for lending your talent and joy to our memories!

Billy and Robyn Itule

Troy Schmidt said...

These are stunning images! Such a beautiful campus to have as a backdrop to such a beautiful couple!++

One Blank Canvas said...

Man I had such a good time shooting this wedding with you guys and we have to get together for dinner at WPPI!

I'll be posting some of my stuff soon too!!!

jason groupp said...

You guys set the bar for word AWESOME. Guys - those shots are truly beautiful. I think I might due for a "Chris + Lynn" workshop soon!

Candy's Photography said...

WOW! Chris and Lynn, These images are truly amazing!! You guys ROCK!! :)

C.J. Scott said...

Hey guys! Some stunning images here! Great idea with the shoes on the desk. Also, the warm detail images from the chapel are perfect :)

Jillian Kay said...

incredible!! wow, i am always blown away by your beautiful creative images! love the idea for the groomsmen shot, how perfect! i love how you incorporate your environment. the portraits of robyn are stunning!

Natalie Stewart-Smith said...

The wonder, joy and elegance of Berta and Billy's wedding is heightened by these extraordinary photographs. Thank you Chris and Lynn!
The picture of my mother's velvet buttons on my daughter's wedding gown is precious beyond words. Natalie

Joshua Smith-Cinematographer said...

Beautifully Done!
Very Unique! I love it!