Friday, July 14, 2006


Cool, calm, and totally cute, Lisa and Kevin were a blast to shoot on their engagement session. Lisa was stunning in an emerald green sundress ~ she looked like she should be kicking some bad-guy butt with those other Charlie’s Angels. And Kevin could not keep his eyes off her – the two of them are so obviously in love!

We did some "traditional" shots for the parents...

And then headed off to the east side to wander the redbrick roads and hang with Gassy Jack.

Kevin loves the architecture of this old building so we did some cool urban scenics.

Then we found a steel staircase on the side of a dilapidated old building to do something completely different. These guys were totally into adventure for art’s sake. Who knew making out in an empty lot could be so fun anyway?


Kevin and Lisa said...

They look amazing... We can't wait to see the rest! Thanks for making it such a fun and easy session.
Kevin and Lisa

Anonymous said...

great photos guys!