Friday, May 21, 2010

Jason+May=Tropical! | Bahamas Wedding Photographers

Bahamas Wedding Photographers

Sunshine, ocean, & sky and lots & lots of colour & love! Jason & May, Canadians currently living in Australia, were joined by their far-flung friends & family to celebrate their wedding on the tropical island of Bahamas.  The couple are no strangers to travel - their long-distance courtship meant adventures in cities around the world. And now they head out on the best journey of all - marriage!

Here are some of our favourites from their day!

The One & Only Bahamas has a gorgeous ceremony venue.

Love the simplicity of May's bouquet - with a little punch of tropical colour.

Jason sees his bride; this moment in the ceremony never fails to bring  lump to my throat.

Smiles &  laughter throughout the ceremony.

Yay! Married!

Probably one of my fav bridal portraits ever :)

After the ceremony, it was down to the palm trees & beach.

Love May's parasol. And this shot captured by our fabulous friend & photographer Tim.

We love to head out of the resort to include some local flavour when photographing destination weddings - and the town of Nassau didn't disappoint. First stop, coconuts+alcohol!

A little local color.

Jason & May's crew were up for a little trespassing to make this shot.

Even the warehouses are colorful in the Bahamas!

First dance - Jason & May rocked it!

Congratulations J+M!


Brianna Phelan said...

1. best bridal portrait ever.
2. love the entrance into the ceremony.
3. love the colours.

Will Pateman Photography said...

Great bridal shot love the positioning of the sun.
Fantastic colours and love the finish to the palm trees

Jen said...

1. LOVE the ring shot
2. black&whites are scrumptious
3. wedding party shots like none ever!

Charlene said...

omg you guys just leave me breathless with every post :) love your work!!!

Tracey said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing - I just love how you shoot destination weddings.

Corrine said...

Explosion of color and fun - LOVE it!


sick as always my friends!

Becky hamilton said...

Love both the Bahamas & Bali weddings :). Your work is so inspiring!!

Wedding Photography in Edinburgh and Scotland said...

Wonderful pictures and lots of beautiful caribbean colour. I love it!