Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chris+Lynn=Destination Love

Destination Wedding Photographers

For the past six weeks, we’ve travelled back and forth to 5 different countries, which means our poor little blog has been sorely neglected. But it also means we have oodles of new images to share! Here’s a little peek of what we’ve been up to!

Sunshine & love with J+Min beautiful Bahamas.

A wild ride for A+J's Cabo San Lucas YOU+ME session.

Wild and wet for C+J's San Jose del Cabo YOU+ME session.

D+B's Bali, Indonesia wedding started with a Vera Wang gown at the Bvlgari Resort & ended in the depths of the rain forest.

Laugh-out-loud moments on the beach at J+M’s Cabo Melia wedding.

To-die-for shoes (sigh)...just a hint of S+R’s luxe wedding at Esperenza in Cabo, Mexico.

LA heat with C+B in California.

A super-sexy tropical boudoir session.

Happiness with L+Ts! Cabo, Mexico wedding shot by our fabulous C+L Associate Photographers.

Back in beautiful Vancouver, lots of engagement sessions like T+F’s cherry blossom of love :)

And an urban night session with B+D.

And last but not least, one frame from S+M’s wedding in Cuba yesterday.

So come on back soon to see lots and lots more!


VancityAllie said...


Sooooooo beautiful! Every single photo!

Will Pateman Photography said...

Excellent well worth the wait

Erin Harvey said...

So glad to see a post again! You guys produce the most inspiring work I've seen. Can't wait to see the full posts. =)

Rob Munroe said...

You guys have been pretty busy. Can't wait to see the rest.

Elisa said...

You guys never ever disappoint. The photo in the Bahamas is just stunning!

Ghazalie said...

yay! you're backkkk. i've missed seeing your gorgeous images pop up on my blog list! all i can say is ...

bali + vera wang (love that shot of the dress alone!) + a bvlgari resort = heaven!
it really doesn't get any better. can't wait to the full sets!

Jon said...

Love how you highlight the beauty of each destination. Awesome job world travelers!

Ariel said...

Wow you guys are working hard! Beautiful images as always! said...

Beatiful pictures, great work!!! Congratulations!!