Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays from Baja!

Ahhh, Christmas -must be time for my annual blog post ;-).

Two photographers on holiday

minus all of their camera gear

+ one Fuji F30 point-and-shoot

+ the Baja coastline

+ one private villa

+ one infinity pool (a la my hero Gary Fong)

+ lots of barefoot beach walks with my hot senorita

+ Dos Equis + mas Dos Equis (ps - no habla espanol, lol)

+ three wonderful parents

+ lots of lazy sun-filled days

+ my Undomestic Goddess going all Rachel Ray in the kitchen (Lynn cooks like I blog, lol .....but, Dios mio, Christmas brunch was mucho delicioso)

+ one gorgeous infinity pool sunset after another

= a very, very happy C+L Christmas

We are so fortunate to be here celebrating the holidays in the sunshine with our families. Peace, love and fish tacos to all our family and friends!


P.S. Have received a lot of emails about this villa - and yes, it is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous views & totally private ~ http://www.villaveranovacations.com/


S+J said...

awwww....looks like you guys are having a wonderful time! merry christmas!

Amy Martin said...

Wow! Looks like a blast! Merry Christmas to you guys!

ps- Lynn, your hair looks hot! :) xoxo!

Warren Leung said...

Merry Christmas you guys. Beautiful pictures. Amazing as aways.

Tim Co. said...

WOW! That looks like great fun. Tell everyone I said wazzup!

jason groupp said...

Fish Tacos, warm weather, and great company. Now that's a wonderful Christmas! You guys seriously suck! :)

I got to spend Christmas battling the highways of NJ in the rain, with a crying 8 month old! Awesome.

Very jealous, Merry Christmas to you both!

C.J. Scott said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys :) So wonderful to see you relaxing and having a fantastic time there!


Anonymous said...

Looks like some well deserved time off!! See you soon!


posherov said...

So, so jealous!!! Have a Dos Equis for me!!

Merry Christmas!!

Tim Halberg said...

I LOVE baja!! We were just down there for our Anniversary.

I didn't know they allowed Canadians into Mexico? (I'm sooo jealous that you're allowed to travel freely to Cuba!)

Can't wait to see you guys again!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

gnet said...

Now thats a fun way to spend Christmas!++

Byron Brydges said...

Sooooooo jealous.....!

Have a wonderful time, I'll be outside shovelling the 30cm off my driveway. :(

All the best,


Mary Marantz said...

amazing!! those views are incredible!! lynn you are looking super hot with that super chic hair of yours! I hope you guys have a very happy New Year!!


emilie inc. said...

Wowowow! Looks stunning! Thanks so much for posting.... as I gaze out my window to about 3' of snow in Maine! :) Happy '08!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all had a happy holidays!

I hope to meet up with you guys sometime again this year... Not sure if I can make WPPI this year, any chance you're coming to Colorado??

Much thanks and love to both of ya!

--- Gregg Hicks

Mark Brooke Photography said...

WOW you guys rock! i found you guys through Jamie Delaine. I am stoked!