Thursday, July 19, 2012

Orieta+Jay=Awesome | Baja Wedding Photographers

Baja Wedding Photographers

Wind-blown sand dunes, a decadent private
villa, the intimate luxury of Capella Pedregal - Orieta & Jay's Cabo destination wedding had it all! The Calgary couple were up for anything, and it was fun trekking out to some new desert locations to capture the spirit of Baja in their wedding photos. Some of our favorites from their day...

Orieta gets ready at Capella Pedregal resort.


Love the architecture at Capella - clean modern backdrop for portraits.

Capella's famous glass-blown hearts.

Dramatic vistas at a Pedregal private villa

My fav is image below on the right - can't beat a real smile at your husband-to-be!

Chris' favorite.

A little wilderness adventure - as I always say, if your wedding dress gets a little dusty, it means you had fun on your wedding day!

Back at Capella, a good luck kiss from her daughter before walking down the aisle.


Congrats to Orieta & Jay and hope to see you wild westerners in Calgary soon!


Wedding Venue: Capella Pedregal
Private Villa: Cabo Villas
Wedding Design by Karla Casillas Weddings
Hair & Makeup Aidee at Julian Farel Salon at Capella
Dress Lazaro


Melia said...

Dramatic, YES! Great set!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful location, beautiful couple, and the photography is of course the usual AWESOME!

Aaron said...

Awesome indeed. Great set with wonderful variety and striking drama. Thank you for sharing your work.

Ross said...

Always blown away by what you guys capture. Fantastic once again. LOVE LOVE LOVE, the bride in the hall shots with the iron gate. Of course the sand dunes. Just incredible work you two. Have a great summer

Anonymous said...

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