Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ashley+Jason=Sincerity {Part II} | Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Vancouver Photographer| Indian Wedding

What can we say? The colour and emotion of Ashley+Jason's wedding simply blew us away. Some of our
favorite images from their day.

I'm a sucker for sparkle.

Love the portrait of Jason in henna on Ashley's right hand.

The bride prepares - Ashley has such expressive eyes.


One of my favourite spreads from their album - Jason getting ready.

The ceremony.

The couple is supposed to be serious at all times during the ceremony, but Ashley couldn't resist a smile.

Neither could Jason :)


Love this next album spread!

Jason & Ashley have been together for almost a decade - their love for each other is so comfortable, caring, and unaffected. And now they get to introduce themselves as newlyweds!

The guys looking smooth.

And the girls - gorgeous!

An album spread of Ashley.

Ashely's goodbye to her family was heartbreaking.

She was welcomed back to Jason's family with open arms. Congratulations, J+A!

Next up, off with the turban and on with the party - Ashley+Jason's reception!


Jennifer Williams said...

Wow. This wedding is absolutely stunning and Ashley is simply breathtaking. You guys rock.

jason said...

Fab work as usual, guys! The colors, details, lighting - delicious!


Chris+Lynn said...

Thanks so much Jen!
~lynn :)

Shella Comer said...

Absolutely stunning! The detail on the attire is unreal. Great photos!

Tonio said...

Lovely work guys....
Impressive all the embrodery, and stuff, I wanna go to such a wedding!!

You are sooo invited to my blog, it´s fashion, but matches exacly with your lovely lovely work!!
Click Click Click

Invincy said...

amazingly beautiful. wonderful capture of a sikh marriage

Kim said...

these are just beautiful. I love love love the color and all the awesome angles you guys have captured! :)) Luv LUv as usual :)

NJoy Event Planning said...

WOW!! Just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

good looking couple! the wedding looked gorgeous! love the pictures, beautiful as always! great work! very impressive!

Anonymous said...

amazing!!! details details details!!!

sagoo said...

marrige pics r soo beautiful......