Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lola+Cam=Happiness | Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Isn't it funny how life works out? Lola and Cam's families had been connected for years - their grandmothers sat beside each other at church - but the couple themselves had never actually connected. It took a large family gathering neither Lola or Cam really wanted to attend for their paths to finally cross. And Lola almost didn't go! But she did. And they met. And it was the beginning of forever.

Their happiness with each other on their wedding day was almost surpassed by the happiness of their families - their small intimate wedding was simply overflowing with love. Here are some of our favs from their day at the Opus Hotel and Brix.

Love this spread of details in their album - check out their custom Adidas & shoelace ring shot :)

Lola was serene & beautiful.

Cam getting ready (little-known fact - Cam is officially the fastest tie-tier we've ever met!).

This sequence of Cam & his mom just makes me smile.

First Look.

Another one of my favourite spreads from their album.

Low-rider bike +super-fun wedding party= good times!

The grey & orange colour combo was unique & a little sassy! Love it!

Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar is in a 1912 heritage building & its centre patio has the romantic feel of European courtyard - the perfect spot to exchange vows.

A bit of a different perspective.

These two were so excited to be getting married!

Husband & wife!

Some of their beautifully simple & natural reception details included pebble stones for napkin rings, orange blossoms, and candles. I loved the display of photographs from the weddings of the couples' parents and grandparents. Photographs connect us.

First Dance.

It's always fun to shoot at night & I can't wait to see these two images full page & side by side in their album.

A little more night romance...

Congratulations, Lola + Cam - it was such a pleasure to be part of your day!

And yes, it is funny how life works out - like, for example, last week, life - with all its ups and downs and rounds and rounds -got in the way of all my well-intentioned blogging plans! But, we're still on the cans for comments bandwagon & we'd love to hear from you! In case you didn't read about it last year here and here, for each of your comments, we're donating one can to our local food bank. So, to all you blog readers who happen by here, drop by this week & give up some luv, and we will too :)

While you're at it, why not check out the blogs of tons of generous & talented photogs who are participating too from all around the country & beyond! Enjoy some gorgeous images, and give them some comment luv! Helping out has never been so easy, or so fun!

From the US of A...our fav Cali family of rockstar artists OHANA, the amazing Stacey Reeves of Dallas, Texas, Zeidler Photography in Minneapolis, Caroline Ghetes in North Carolina, Mike Murrow of Santa Cruz, and Erica May in Kansas City to name just a few!

And in beautiful BC...Van Photog leader Tracey Heppner, Erin Wallis (whoa - check out all those cans - way to go, Erin!), Blue Olive, Palaez Photography, Kristel Wyman, KP Photography, Michael Wachniak, Studio Jeanie, Andrea Blair, John Heil, d'Soleil Studio, McKinnon Photography , Laureen Carruthers, The Other Angle, and more!

And elsewhere in Canada... David Redding, Rowell Photography , Shandro Photo, and Lemon Fresh Designs

It was hard to keep track of all the people joining in (my list above is far from complete!), until the inspiring (and talented and hilarious!) Scooooooooty of Louisville's THINK PHOTOGRAPHICS started a site of everyone who is participating . Thanks for keeping the canwagon chugging along!

And I can't forget a shout-out to our 2010 bride who is spreading cans for comments throughout other realms of the blogger world - check out Karen's shopping trip for her canned goods on her blog To Be the Whole Package

So go on, leave a comment here or anywhere above and make a difference :) Thanks!


Geoff Heith said...

Wow stunning love the use of light on the night shots...great works guys!

stacy said...

Thanks for the link guys, and thanks for starting Cans for Comments. It's such a brilliant idea, and it's a win-win situationg - bloggers get comments (which we LOVE) and local charities get help, which they love. I'm so excited to be participating! You guys are fantastic, your photos are stunning!!

Cameron said...

To C+L from L+C. We were so glad you could be a part of our day and capture the moments forever!

Thank you.

Cameron + Lola

Sherry said...

In each picture, you bring back that wonderful day to relive again and again, and we thank you for that!

Rob Munroe said...

Loving it as always guys.

Sarah Neal Photography said...

You guys are in a league of your own. I follow a lot of blogs in my reader but I'm always really excited when I see you guys have posted. PLUS I'm a displaced Canadian in Arizona so always fun to see what people are doing on home turf. BTW - Lola is beautiful and so is her name. Love the night shots!

imthiaz houseman said...

wow, what a gorgeous wedding! that venue is killer...nice work.

Mary C said...

Wow! Thank you SO much for the shout out! I love your work, it's beyond beautiful.

Erin said...

You guys TOTALLY ROCK... Because of YOUR cans for comments idea... I received 203 comments.. which was then MATCHED by 3 of my blog readers!!! HOW AWESOME! Which means... yup 812 cans in total.

A Toronto girl out West said...

Woohooo!!! Thanks for the shout out!!! You'll be happy to know we managed to spread it to a good number of food/wellness bloggers.


Karen said...

Thanks so much for all you to do for Cans for Comments - have a wonderful, relaxing, heartwarming holiday.

Will Pateman Photography said...

As ever Great shots! What a fun loving couple...love the night shots.

Ghazalie said...

gorgeous.beautiful.stunning ... per, usual. happy holidays you two!!

i and m photography said...

in love with the black and white shots!

Nicolemiko said...

Great night shots. and I LOVE the ceremony shot with the different perspective. I want that on my wall and I don't even know these people.
Also, the photos of their parents and grandparents' weddings was a great idea. You are right - Photos definitely tie us together.
PS Your cans4comments lured me in. Great cause.

tracey said...

gorgeous guys!! as always! xo

have a lovely WARM christmas in baja!!!! soooo excited for you guys!

Lady of the Light said...

C & L

I want to get married again just so I can have you take our pictures!!

Norbie and I wish you both a very Merry Christmas

Thanks for the cans for comments - giving to others in so many ways

Alex Workman said...

The bike picture is awesome! Keep up the great work!

ohana photographers said...

you guys are such a huge blessing. we delivered over a hundred cans/goods to the san diego food bank this year! hope you guys have a merry christmas and a blessed and happy new year!!!

Haley Shandro said...

Beautiful shots as always. Merry Christmas you guys!!

Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

Love that 2nd to last one. :)

jefjanssens said...

The low rider bike shot is hilarious :D
Looove the night shots!!!