Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sandy+Sonny=Superlative | Vancouver Wedding Photography

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Jam-packed full of action, events, colour, traditions, laughter, and of course, Sandy & Sonny's uncontainable LOVE, the couple's wedding was amazing! With a thousand guests and activities stretching over four days, we had the whole C+L team out in full force, including our fabulous associate Sarah, our intrepid assistant Garrett, the always-chill TJ, and led by the inimitable Colin. Thanks, guys!

Sandy & Sonny's big, beautiful album has over a 100 pages so it was super-hard to choose which images to share, but here are just a few of our favourites.

Sonny's wedding day attire.

The ceremonial tying of the turban.

Sandy's sparkle.

And the always sparkling Sandy. She is a photographer's dream, & perfectly captured by TJ:

Sonny arrived at the temple in the traditional way, by horse. Looking very regal, Sonny!

Though tradition dictates the couple shouldn't speak or smile during the ceremony, Sandy & Sonny couldn't hide their happiness. My favourite moment.

The couple left in a vintage car - love this album spread.

Joyous traditions.

A change of outfits and then Colin rocked a quick sunset photo session in family farm's blueberry fields. Another of my favourite album spreads.

A freshly shaven Sonny gets ready for the extravagant reception with his dad, Lucky.

Sandy. As previously mentioned, a photographer's dream :)

Chris knows this is his fav from the wedding & is pretty sure it's actually his favourite image he shot all season.

More sparkle.

More Sandy.

It's so nice to create portraits of a couple in a place that is meaningful to them like their home.

We stopped for some more portraits along the way to the reception.

Lots of gorgeous details.

Now this is a grand entrance!

Party time! Lucky & Sonny tear up the dance floor to Sardara Singh Gill.

More dancing! And look, it's Ujjal, our former premier, partying too :)

We always like to sneak out for some late night portraits. The last spread from their album.

Congratulations, Sandy+Sonny! We can't wait for you to have your super-fantabulous albums!


Sandy + Sonny's wonderful team of vendors:
Ceremony - Mission Sikh Temple
Flowers: Raj- Didi's Flowers
Decor: Cindy's Wedding Center
Hair/Makeup Artist: Raquel Lacson
Reception Outfit: An Abu Jani design from New Delhi
Singer- Sardara Singh Gill


Amber Hughes said...

Wow... just wow. These photos are immense from beginning to end. I couldn't pick faves if I tried... there's just too many good ones! ;)

laurahana said...

These are just breathtaking! I'm sure they will love looking at their album and photos time and time again. What a gorgeous couple!

Rebecca said...

I'm pretty sure these are the most amazing wedding images I have ever seen. Ever.

Michael Wachniak said...

Jaw-droppingly amazing as always, guys! :) I Love them!

Ghazalie said...

O.M.G i have always, always wanted to attend an indian wedding! the colors are so vibrant and everything is just so beautiful down to the smallest detail. the couple is gorgeous and you guys, well, you guys never ever cease to amaze me. fantastic job!

Roel said...

These are fantastic... well done!

chris scott said...

absolutely beautiful work, as always, guys!

colinmichael said...

That was the most fun wedding ever! Sonny and Sandy were awesome, gorgeous and the most generous hosts ever, what a privilege to shoot them. Certainly not a wedding I'll ever forget!

Anonymous said...


gray photography - zach and jody said...

Unreal! This is a ridiculous set! What a bride! Beautiful!! Fantastic work guys!

wedding photographer miami said...

Beautiful work!!! :)

Sandy Janda said...

I was absolutely floored when I saw these pictures. You are all beyond amazing photographers and it was an incredible honor working with you all! We shared so many laughs … and random run ins at the Mcdonals drive-through :)

I couldn’t be happier!!!
Sonny + Sandy

sarena said...

Words cant describe how pretty and breathtaking you both are. Love you guys.

Rae Barnes said...

these are stunning!! absolutely breath-taking! you guys never cease to amaze!!!

imthiaz houseman said...

OMG! this is a sick set! stunning couple, stunning backdrop, stunning details, simply stunning!

OksanaJ said...

Beautiful!!! Gorgeous couple!

Krystal Radlinski said...

Holy smokes folks! Exceedingly fine work.

Cathy said...

Those are just full of dazzle and brilliance. LOVE them!

Katie said...

Unbelievable! Absolutely stunning!

Sylwia said...

Amazing photography... Bride and Groom are so beautiful, wow - just as your pictures!

erwinwijanto photography said...

WOW.. this is soo breathtaking pictures.. my Motivation just went up now .. Thx for the inspiration..Chris+Lynn, I am back n continue my work editing many pictures now .. :)

Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

Wow! Everything is just so luxurious and beautiful! And that bride is such a great model! She's striking poses like no one's business! :)

. s h e r r y * said...

Holy moley. These are SOO amazing. The first shot is just fantastic. And all the detail shots are killer!!! I'm completely floored.

ohana photographers said...

um...i'll be back i have to go look for my jaw.

jeanie said...

WOW! her neckpiece for the reception is simply DIVINE!!!

Ben@ collage photo frame said...

BREATHTAKING!! jaw dropping! fantastic photos. I love all of them :)

Anonymous said...

nice pics from josh