Saturday, July 18, 2009


This blog post is about the love story of Noah & Becky on the day they vowed to be together forever on the island of Kauai. It was a perfectly beautiful, light-bathed, emotion-filled, love-blessed wedding day...and it was a dream for us to photograph!

Noah and Becky planned everything just right, which is why this blog post could also be a little helpful hint guide on how to make your wedding day totally ROCK!

Tip #1: choose a great location to get ready. Kauai photographer & ultimate host (thanks for having us, D+S!) Dianne Reynolds, generously shared her gorgeous plantation-style home with the couple. That meant Becky and her bridesmaids (all twelve of them!) had lots of room to primp & prep & prettify together and we had lots of options of where to photograph all her details.

Tip #2: No rushing! Leave yourself lots of time to get ready so you can be as calm, serene, and beautiful as Becky was the morning of the big day. And have some time for bridal portraits.

Isn't she stunning?!

What a smile! She's so excited to see her future husband!

Or you could use that extra getting ready time to work out - like Noah :) The guys got ready just a few minutes away from the girls, making it super-easy to shoot everyone in the morning.

Hot groom alert!

Tip #3: consider having a First Look. The moment the bride & groom see each other is always special whether it's at the altar or not, but having a First Look is always so meaningful. It allowed Becky & Noah to have a private confirmation of their love together before the public celebration at the ceremony. And it also means more time for photos together before the wedding which means more time for fun with the guests right after!

I love this image of Noah praying before he's about to see Becky for the first time.

The joy of the moment!

Tip #4: bring your own sun-swatter. Just kidding! But I had to find a way to include this shot of Noah using California Sunbounce's great diffuser (btw, they are lightweight & easy-to-use).

But lighting and weather are things to consider - you can't control them but you can be prepared: parasols for shade if it's sunny, umbrellas for showers, and a nice hotel room for downpours. And if having an outside ceremony, maybe bump it to later in the day when the light is soft & flattering.

Luckily, Noah ordered up a perfect weather day for his wedding.

Tip #5: choose amazing friends & family to be in your wedding party! Ones who are super-helpful, super-fun, super-happy for you & who don't complain even if they have to balance on a rickety fence for a photo!

Tip #6: allocate time for photography. It's one of the biggest investments in the wedding as well as the only thing from the day that lasts forever! So allow for lots of time so we can go to all the cool locations we want to shoot at! If the day is super-busy, consider having a YOU+ME session on another day.

Noah grew up on Kauai & now the beautiful island is California girl Becky's home as well, so we really wanted to create images with a strong sense of place.

These two could not stop smiling at each other - they are so natural & happy together!

My fav of the beautiful Becky.

Chris' fav of the day.

And the most important tip of all: Live your wedding day fully & completely!

When we talked to Noah the day before the wedding, he, like most grooms was a little nervous and a little stressed about the seating arrangement, decor, lighting, and parking logistics...But come morning, all that was forgotten.

Noah and Becky experienced every moment of their day with hearts wide open.

Their ceremony, personalized and performed by Becky's father, was filled with laughter and joy.

I just like how Chris framed this image.


Now this is what I call an aislewalk - see fun-loving wedding party tip #5 :)

Oh, happy day!

Classic family portraits never go out of style (especially with this kind of scenery).

The couple's reception was simple and fun. First Dance.

Becky & Noah's fathers had everyone's attention with their heartfelt song & speeches.

Noah's sister, surfer extraordinaire Bethany Hamilton, beats out all the ladies for the bouquet. Becky directed the award-winning documentary Heart of a Soul Surfer that tells the incredibly inspiring story of her new sister-in-law Bethany.

Can you say FUN!

And a little romance from the end of the night.

Noah, so glad you sat beside us at that Oahu workshop so many years ago & we were able to document your epic day! Congratulations, Noah + Becky!


laurahana said...

These photos make me feel so happy! And I really like how you included some family portraits too. Beautiful backdrops. Looks like it was a fantastic wedding!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Wow. Just stunning. I really love how you captured all the different moments, the facial expressions, the body language, amazing. Would you mind if I posted a few on my blog?

Noah Hamilton said...

He Laura you beat me to it i've been looking at the images for an hour now and wanted to be the first to comment... haha.

Ghazalie said...

absolutely gorgeous! another epic SUCCESS by my favorite photography duo. congrats on always producing magical sets!

your one-day-in-the-future-client,

chelophoto said...

I wish I were there!! The field looks so beautiful. They are a very handsome couple and you guys rocked it.

Erin Harvey said...

The colors and emotions are just incredible. I know I always say that, but you guys are amazing. I always love to see what inspiring work you'll produce next. =)

Studio222 Photography said...

What a GORGEOUS wedding! Love the tips :) And feel free to have me hold any lighting you want next time you need some help in an exotic location ;)

Lucky Red Hen said...

Holy SMACK! Y'all never cease to amaaaaze me :) These are unbelievable and gorgeous.

Memories by Micha said...

Every shot is just breath taking what a fantastic wedding!! Great shots!!!

ohana photographers - david & kimi said...

as always you guys!! these images besides the fact they're in hawaii, are incredible! love em all! i was having a hard time choosing the most awesome of the awesome and i hit the last one, and found the winner!

Kayla said...

GORGEOUS! So, so beautiful! Your work is always amazing!

pam said...

OH MY GOSH!!! BREATHTAKING!!! You guys floored me. AGAIN. I hope your couples realize how blessed to have gotten you guys for their wedding. I wish I had you for mine!

Atoosa and Kamyar said...

OMG the pictures are soooo beautiful as always. I love love love them all. Can’t wait to see our pictures. Your work is amazing.

StonePhoto said...

Love the groom holding the fly swatter shot. so fun

Love love love it whenever you guys post new stuff!!!


Noah + Becky Hamilton said...

Seriously all the fading memories are now forever captured for us to reminisce. Every time we look at our images now it's like payment for all the hard work that went into planning our wedding!

- Your wedding tips are great... That was exactly the way we scheduled our wedding day (and the reasons why)!

To us, photography is the MOST important investment for the wedding budget, cause it's what makes the MEMORIES LAST FOREVER!!!

- We really appreciate all the hours you spent scouting for locations - the time you took to find each amazing location and pre-envision the shots. When you were with us we'd just show up to these beautiful places and you'd nail the images. It really shows that your commitment to finding the shots in advance pays off in the end!

- The first look turned out great, such a rad moment, especially the quarter body shot of us gazing into each other's eyes. That photo alone is why it's such a special moment.

- Night bamboo was worth pulling away from the reception for a few minutes - it turned out great!

- Bridal Party Group shot is such a special shot... we love it!

- Ceremony shots are really something else, that background was just glowing. We both were so looking forward to seeing these shots and they didn't disappoint.

- Great documentation of our bridal party reactions and hugs following the recessional.

- The FAMILY SHOTS... WOW! both our families really needed a new family portrait. THESE ARE CHERISHED. It's these shots that makes us feel proud to be photographers and to document families being families.

- Love the photo of Noah's dad (tom) and his speech, and of Becky's dad (bruce) singing the song he wrote for her! ...So special!

- We also wanted to share about the feedback we've been getting... The coolest thing is just random acquaintances coming up to us and telling us how awesome the photos are! Pretty much EVERYONE else is saying that they are "the best wedding photos they've ever seen!" And all our photographer friends are saying it's pretty much the best wedding documentary images ever taken on Kauai!

All our friends have been saying that we look like models. well, you guys (especially Lynn giving all the direction) made it SO EASY! You knew exactly what you wanted for each location, and knew what pose(s) would look good on camera. There was no hesitation, which was VERY COMFORTING! Your teamwork was seamless - It was amazing to see you guys communicate almost telepathically! haha! You turned us into models and inspired us for our career :)

A big MAHALO from Kauai!
And ALOHA from all our friends and family!


p.s. we can't thank you enough!

jillian kay said...

WOW. Just WOW. I am always so incredibly inspired by you!

Merete said...

Amazing! Really amazing pictures! I`ve just spent my morning looking thru almost all you`re pictures and I love them all! You really know how to capture a moment!
I just got lost in some of the pics and started dreaming... Hihi...
So, excellent work!

Big fan from Norway - Merete:)

Val McCormick Photography said...

AMAZING!!!!! LOVE, love, love these. The location is incredible but the way you worked and rocked it out is what really makes these incredible. Awesome job guys :-)

Tim Halberg said...

holy cow... how did I not already leave a comment? musta left one on Noah's page or something...

ROCKING collection of images!!!! That's gonna make for one HUGE album.

Hey, we're headed up to Bellingham Washington for a wedding at the end of the month, and then to Vancouver for 5 nights to check out the scene, would love to meet up if you're around/have time?

chris stewart said...

Oh my goodness that shot of him praying before seeing his bride is priceless. I want that shot on my wall very BIG!!!! damn why have I been gone so long from your blog. ;)

Noah + Becky Hamilton said...



raymond said...

cool sun swatter! may i know the size you use? would the 4'x6' be sufficient for 2 -3 people? thanks!