Thursday, June 11, 2009


From the first time I chatted on the phone with Brooke about her wedding, I knew it was going to a day filled with fun & laughter. I could feel her smile all the way from New Jersey to Vancouver! When she told me she and her fiance Steven were a wedding photographer couple just like us, I knew we had a connection (and when we found out Steven shot a certain Jersey rock star we happen to like a little, we knew we had to meet them)! When we finally did, their connection was tangible - they light up around each other & sparks fly!

It's always an honour to document the day of fellow photographers - here's what we saw.

Pink & orange! Love all of Brooke's colour-coordinated details - especially her divine fuchsia-bowed Kate Spade shoes & citrus Michael Kors rain boots!

Brooke has the best, light-up-your day smile!

And despite the rain, that smile was on full wattage all day.

Beautiful glowing bride.

Steven & Brooke's First Look ~ full of laughter...

...and love.

Brooke gets her sexy on & her silly on while we shoot some quick portraits before the ceremony.

Chris tries out Steven's smile-inducing technique of making farm animal sounds during formals on the guys - it works (but only in Jersey!).

Major rainstorms pushed us indoors to the Westmount Country Club where it was nice and cozy.

Ceremony time.



and more pink & orange!


More vibrant details at the reception, including a view camera surrounded by pink & orange florals -wow!

The very fabulous cake, topped with two cameras - wait, are those Canon or Nikon? ;)

First dance.

The evening was filled with emotional speeches and lots of laughter.

And lots of celebrating - the band got everyone out on the dance floor

Near the end of the evening, we snuck the couple out to get some late-night portraits. Love these two of Brooke on the bar. Quick, Bobby's coming!

Congrats, Brooke + Steven! Can't wait to see you again & meet the parrots!


Gabe said...

now these are awesome. what an incredible venue with equally amazing images. well done guys.

Tim Co. said...

wow! LOVE the colors and the love these 2 have :-)! Very good job guys! Congrats Brooke and Steven!

zinchukvideo said...

Love the colors! I love the b&w and bright color photos!

jason groupp said...

OMG - I know that bongo chick! She is AWESOME!...and a little crazy! :)

Brooke, you look so beautiful! I am loving the details too!

C+L - well what can I say? Stunning images as always. There's a reason we love you guys so much.

Jessica Fike said...

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! These pictures are gorgeous! Great work you two :)

Paul and Laura said...

These are spectacular! I'm so sad that I had to miss Brooke & Steven's wedding, but I'm so happy I get to live vicariously through these great pix!


Laura Ann Cinema said...

Wow - what beautiful images! Love the late night portraits of Brooke!

Brooke Tackeff said...

I can't believe this is me! :-O I feel like "Bridal Brooke!" We had so much fun with you two. Um, next time let's shoot together, or shoot you two... either way! :) Thank you.

Mark A Higgins said...

Beautiful warm B&W photographs and the first collage of details was beautiful and the color well doordinated to the brides them

Ghazalie said...

you guys never cease to amaze me!! what a beauuuuuuuutiful set -- and what gorgeous colors you got to photograph!! love it all, job well done!!

Jerome said...

As always... Spectacular images. Love the color!

Mike Larson said...

I love the images, they look sick! nice work.

Kayla said...

These are fabulous!!! Love the details and the colors! Great job!

Mike Meyer said...

Superb job in maximizing "the elements" to make these images sing. Love the details!

Michael Shandro said...

Wow, great venues, great couple, and most importantly, great photographers!

Well done.