Saturday, August 16, 2008


An afternoon of smiles and laughter and super-happilicious images of the delightful Annie + Paulo.

These two so clearly love being in each other's company. And they are on a determined life pursuit of happiness and fun and living-in-the-moment together, a quest that just happens to require glamourous trips to NYC, dining at Vancouver's finest, and lots and lots of shoe shopping (oh yeah, and some regular trips to Beard Pappa's!)!

Here are some of our favs from their e-session. Blue-jean fun on Granville Island.

Annie has the best laugh!

Had to go on a ride on the Little Blue Ferry (the place where Paulo first whispered to Annie "I love you."!).

Nothing wrong with a classic portrait of two gorgeous people happy & in love.

THIS was soooo much fun (and it's making me hungry!). Yay for Beard Papa's!

And nothing wrong with a not-so-classic portrait of two gorgeous people happy and in love! I love this image.

A beautiful moon-lit night.

Congratulations Annie + Paulo! We had the best time with you both & can't wait for your wedding this fall!


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

his face in the beard papa's shot!! bahahaha! love it!

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff guys! Love the 2nd-to-last shot - smmmmokin hot!