Friday, June 13, 2008

Lindsey+Andrew=The Big Easy

Amazing city & amazing couple! The laid-back, colourful city of New Orleans was the destination of choice for Lindsey and Andrew. And what a great location for a wedding - I think it's our new favourite city! Though it was incredibly warm (especially for Vancouverites like us!), we took it slow and easy through the hot summer streets and had a day to remember!

First up, the details.

The beautiful, elegant Lindsey.

Excited to see her groom for their First Look.

We love it when couples decide to see each other before the ceremony - they get to have a special meaningful moment together and we get to have a little extra time with them afterwards to create some great images.

Ahh, love!

Up on the balcony.

It wouldn't be New Orleans without the music!

Or the old, decaying buildings of the French Quarter.

Or the partying! (I couldn't resist this one - look at orange-shirt guy!).

Andrew & Lindsey's wedding party looked smokin'!

And they were totally up for a celebratory drink before the ceremony.

Lemon drop, anyone?

Then it was off to the St Louis Cathedral, one of the country's oldest churches and the place where Lindsey's parents first met over twenty years ago.

A quiet moment before the walk down the aisle.


The Second Line - a New Orleans tradition. Parading through the street celebrating with a brass band - this was so much fun!

Lindsey's dad enjoying the party

One last image of the couple & the city skyline. Congratulations, Lindsey & Andrew!


Lara@ Southern Wedding Style said...

This wedding rocks! The shot of the tuba player with the bride in the background is just perfect. I love her bouquet--gorgeous bride! Congrats, newlyweds!

Denise Mabilog said...

Your work is amazing and an is an inspiration to me!

Shari said...

GORGEOUS! Love all of these images! The bridal party shots are perfection!

Nathan said...

Jensey and I have fallen in love with Nola ever since we shot there last year. Beautiful place for photos, right?

Any chance that some of your photos were taken at or near Latrobe's? (That's where we'll be in April and I wasn't sure what it looked like.)

As always, it's a pleasure watching you guys! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

J Sandifer said...

Sweet Images! I luv HUGE ASS BEERS :)

megan dailor said...

These are simply beautiful!

Mel McLellan said...

Way to go guys! These are fan-freakin-tastic!