Wednesday, April 02, 2008


We are so spoiled. We get to work with the most fun, most fabulous, most fashionable (not to mention, totally hot!) clients. Like the utterly vivacious and kind-hearted Lauren and her charming, talented pro golfer fiance Kris. We had such a great time with them in Miami the other week & can't wait for their wedding.

First, one for the parents - there's nothing like a classic BW portrait.

Then it was scooter time. A teeny bit dangerous, but a whole lot of fun.

A LOT of fun - here's my fav spread from their album.

A little splashing by the ocean. I just love the natural joy on their faces in this image.

The sun went down quickly - good thing we love to shoot at this time of night!

Kris chose this one for a humungous print to hang in the entrance hall of their new home - doesn't he have great taste? :) Environmental portraits look so good as big beautiful wall art.

Laughter, love, and a little bit of silliness just go well together dontcha think? We had some of each in a funky South Beach hotel room. Another fun spread from their album.

These two are so in love.

Add to that sharing lots great conversation & delicious dishes at China Grill & it was a great day! Yup, we're spoiled. Thanks guys!


Mary Beth Tyson Photography said...

amazing, incredible, awesome, hot, wow...uhhhh... amazingly incredibly hot!!


jamiedelaine said...

So much fun! I love that first spread you showed. Awesome stuff.

Team Yu Photography said...

we will get married again just to have the 2 of you photograph us!

Tim Halberg said...

Wow... ok, those are HOT!!! Seriously, I'm LOVING all of these pictures! And what a fun couple!

Byron Brydges said...

Batting 1000, home run, Overtime goal, knocked it outta the park, slam dunk, hole-in-one! Fab, fab, fab! Love them all, wondrous job.


C.J. Scott said...

Timco's facial expression is hilarious! Love the images :)

Bumatay said...

Gorgeous bride, handsome pro golfer, sexy couple, that famous chauffeur, superstar photographers, oh my!!! If that's not a winning combination I don't know what is.

Their pictures are awesome and they look stunning together.

colinmichael said...

Nice stuff guys, love the big beach shot.

ben & laura harrison said...

what incredible pictures ... you guys are just awesome ... so inspiring

Charlotte Leonard said...

Beautiful work and what a gorgeous couple!!