Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hello from Baja Again!

We're working, playing, relaxing, and rejuvenating in Baja again.

And we've absolutely fallen in love with the town of Todos Santos ~ a funky little artist pueblo 90 minutes away from Cabo with miles of empty beaches, hours of whale-watching, amazing food (fresh sushi, authentic Italian pasta, and more fish tacos-what more could we ask for?!), and a very chill vibe.

Here's some snaps from where we've been staying, the legendary Hotel California.



Amy Martin said...

Mmmm... yummy color!

Red Leaf Studios said...

Wow guys looks amazing!

Rob Munroe said...

I'm going to design my house like your great images, thanks guys. LOL! How's it going Chris and Lynn, I miss you guys

tj cameron said...

what's wrong, did you get sick of the rain? looks like a colorful place :)

Tim Halberg said...

nice! that town was one of the saving graces of our honeymoon to cabo! wish we coulda spent more time there. Very cool!

megan dailor said...

Beautiful images... they almost make me forget that I had to break into my frozen-shut car the other day...

Joshua Smith-Cinematographer said...

DId you guys get my email?
Hope yall are doing well!

Chris+Lynn said...

Amy - the colours and life here are so inspiring!

Thanks Amy & Richard - can't wait til we actually meet face2face someday (maybe Vegas?)

Hey Rob! Great to hear from ya!

Escaping the rain and cold for sure TJ (btw, you & Phoebe look adorable!).

Josh, that was hilarious!

No kidding Tim! This spot is such a gem!

Thanks Megan - sunshine & colour are so rejuvenating!

lifeimages. said...

These shots have amazing clarity and color, you must be using really great equipment!

Leah said...

amazing details I love them all