Friday, September 01, 2006


Could there be a more relaxed, down-to-earth, genuine couple?! Henry met Anne the beach volleyball court, and even though his skills weren't quite as good as hers, they quickly developed a great friendship. On their wedding day, two best friends became husband and wife. And what a beautiful Vancouver day it was!

Though it was pretty darn hot. Despite the +30 temperature, Anne looked radiant.
Henry looked pretty GQ himself.

Their colour scheme just popped!

A poignant moment during the ceremony.

And at the tea ceremony (one moment: two angles).

We had a blast exploring Granville Island.

Some lovin' on our favourite hill! Congratulations Anne & Henry!


Ana Maria said...

Great photos, absolutely wonderful, congratulations, take the essence of the people.

erwin said...

Hi Lynn,...Wow.. so many beautiful pictures and I really love your style......

Cory said...

Cool. The David Jay hill in Vancouver, now known as the Chris+Lynn hill. Right on.

One Blank Canvas said...

I know I definitely lookin forward to shooting with you all in November. We'll have to chat sometime over the phone and I can give you guys some good ideas for places to do other fun shoots!

Oh and just to let you know... I may have to sneak over the border and do one of those HAUT e-sessions with you guys! I promise I won't keep you up too late Lynn! ;)

Dustin said...

great photos...can't wait to see our...the anticipation is killing us...michelle & dustin