Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One Great Guy

Until I met Brian, the only US Marine I’d ever seen was in movies: stiff, serious, and maybe even a teeny bit scary. And then we got to hang out with Brian Hensarling when we shot his wedding to Jennifer on December 31, 2005.

This US Marine helicopter pilot is one of the kindest, most genuine guys you could ever meet. He’s the kind of guy who looks you in the eye when he’s talking to you; who still opens doors for women, old and young; who laughs with his buddies and gives bearhugs to his dad. The kind of guy who isn’t afraid to let his emotions show; one of the most beautiful moments of their wedding was when he got up on stage with his guitar and sang a song to Jennifer that he composed himself.

We just found out that Brian will be soon be deployed to Iraq. Our thoughts and prayers are with him & Jennifer.


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Anonymous said...

It's the eve before Brian is to be deployed and we're here at the computer looking once again at our incredible wedding pictures. You two did such amazing work that every time we look at our pictures, all of the emotions come rolling back as though we were there reliving those moments. Thank you a million times over for perfectly capturing these moments so that we can enjoy them for years to come.
Brian & Jen Hensarling