Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ashley+Jason=Sincerity {Part III} | Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Vancouver Photographer| Indian Wedding

Ashley & Jason's reception was one BIG party! With even more color, more sparkle, and more emotion than the day before! Starting with Ashley's new outfit and new jewelery. And gold Louboutins!

Ashley looked gorgeous. I love the simplicity of this spread in their album.

Jason was also rocking a new wardrobe and new clean-shaven look.

Some portraits before heading to the reception.

I love how Ashley looks at Jason.

Another two-page spread from their album.

A white Rolls for the wedding and a black one for the reception - love the moodiness of these two images.

The Royal King Palace looked sumptuous with a black damask & red roses decor design.

Cake and First Dance!

And more dancing. Because after all, you really haven't seen dancing til you've been to an Indian wedding!

Hundreds of people on the dance floor.

Jason showing his moves.

Ashley & her sister.

This is one of my favourite images from the night - Jason & grandmother getting down!

And the party kept going throughout the night! Great times - congrats Ashley+Jason!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ashley+Jason=Sincerity {Part II} | Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Vancouver Photographer| Indian Wedding

What can we say? The colour and emotion of Ashley+Jason's wedding simply blew us away. Some of our
favorite images from their day.

I'm a sucker for sparkle.

Love the portrait of Jason in henna on Ashley's right hand.

The bride prepares - Ashley has such expressive eyes.


One of my favourite spreads from their album - Jason getting ready.

The ceremony.

The couple is supposed to be serious at all times during the ceremony, but Ashley couldn't resist a smile.

Neither could Jason :)


Love this next album spread!

Jason & Ashley have been together for almost a decade - their love for each other is so comfortable, caring, and unaffected. And now they get to introduce themselves as newlyweds!

The guys looking smooth.

And the girls - gorgeous!

An album spread of Ashley.

Ashely's goodbye to her family was heartbreaking.

She was welcomed back to Jason's family with open arms. Congratulations, J+A!

Next up, off with the turban and on with the party - Ashley+Jason's reception!