Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tracey+Rob=Bliss! | Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Shangri-La means a place of peace, delight, and bliss - a paradise. It's also the location of Tracey & Rob's wedding and the perfect description of them as a couple! When they are together, they are completely connected, passionate, and as one - entire conversations seem to happen between them when they gaze at each other without a word being spoken. Being around them made us fall in love with falling in love all over again :)

Here are some glimpses into their beautiful day at St Andrews Wesley Church & Shangri-La Hotel.

Jimmy Choos + extra-sparkle + Vancouver mountainscape = one of my favourite spreads from their album!

Tracey gets ready.

Rob gets ready.

I just like the mood of this shot. Like something big is about to happen.

Like getting married to your favourite person in the whole world!

Love this church (St. Andrews Wesley). And always love this moment.

And this one too!

Nothing like true real emotion. My fav from the day.


Talk about bridesmaids with style & attitude - another of my fav pages from their album.

A little sexy.

A little silly.

And a little edgy.

Hot urban couple alert - right here! These guys made it easy for us & shooting around the new Shangri-La Hotel was like a creative booster shot! We love to photograph in new places :)

Tracey & Rob's reception had the vibe of a laid-back elegant cocktail party. Candlelight, creamy florals, and ghost chairs - check out their decor.

Mouthwatering menu & signature drinks - yum.

We always love to create some moody nighttime images. We sneaked out with T+R for a couple of quick & sexy portrait sessions in between the eating, drinking, and dancing.

Congrats, Tracey + Rob!

Starting Monday, we'll be blogging every day for a week for Cans for Comments! Yes, it's that time of year again!

Last year, Cans for Comments (click & scroll down to read all about it plus check out other togs who rocked the holiday spirit and joined in!) spread from coast to coast, and photographers from cities all over Canada &; the US and beyond donated hundreds and hundreds of cans to their local food banks.

It's easy, you comment on our blog, and we donate a can! So come on back every day next week, check out some photography, and make a difference!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kyle+LeLoni=Soaring! | Okanagan Wedding Photography

Okanagan Wedding Photography

Some weddings remind you of what it's all really about: love, love, and more love! Throw a lot of fun in there too and a little attitude, and you have the very cool combo that is Kyle & LeLoni.

As a wedding photographer himself (and a finalist for Most Creative Canadian!), Kyle added his personal sense of style to everything - starting with the colour red!

Red-shirted groomsmen & Kyle's cool kicks.

Getting ready for some fun.


More jumping as best man Josh shows off his signature move. (Like Kyle, Josh is also a wedding photographer - yup, no pressure or anything!)

The beautiful LeLoni gets ready.

Love this moment with her mom.

Leloni & Kyle chose a simple, and simply beautiful setting for their ceremony. Only blue skies ahead!

So much love & blessings surrounding them.


Knowing Kyle, we knew we needed to do something different for his bride & groom session.  We had a pretty great time capturing their love for each other here:

Leloni making scrap metal look sexy.

My fav.

Red shoes, red nails, and shades - love it :)

Leloni's gift to her husband & their gifts to each other:

Congratulations guys - it was an amazing day & we can't wait to see where your love & talent takes you next!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sandy+Sonny=Superlative | Vancouver Wedding Photography

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Jam-packed full of action, events, colour, traditions, laughter, and of course, Sandy & Sonny's uncontainable LOVE, the couple's wedding was amazing! With a thousand guests and activities stretching over four days, we had the whole C+L team out in full force, including our fabulous associate Sarah, our intrepid assistant Garrett, the always-chill TJ, and led by the inimitable Colin. Thanks, guys!

Sandy & Sonny's big, beautiful album has over a 100 pages so it was super-hard to choose which images to share, but here are just a few of our favourites.

Sonny's wedding day attire.

The ceremonial tying of the turban.

Sandy's sparkle.

And the always sparkling Sandy. She is a photographer's dream, & perfectly captured by TJ:

Sonny arrived at the temple in the traditional way, by horse. Looking very regal, Sonny!

Though tradition dictates the couple shouldn't speak or smile during the ceremony, Sandy & Sonny couldn't hide their happiness. My favourite moment.

The couple left in a vintage car - love this album spread.

Joyous traditions.

A change of outfits and then Colin rocked a quick sunset photo session in family farm's blueberry fields. Another of my favourite album spreads.

A freshly shaven Sonny gets ready for the extravagant reception with his dad, Lucky.

Sandy. As previously mentioned, a photographer's dream :)

Chris knows this is his fav from the wedding & is pretty sure it's actually his favourite image he shot all season.

More sparkle.

More Sandy.

It's so nice to create portraits of a couple in a place that is meaningful to them like their home.

We stopped for some more portraits along the way to the reception.

Lots of gorgeous details.

Now this is a grand entrance!

Party time! Lucky & Sonny tear up the dance floor to Sardara Singh Gill.

More dancing! And look, it's Ujjal, our former premier, partying too :)

We always like to sneak out for some late night portraits. The last spread from their album.

Congratulations, Sandy+Sonny! We can't wait for you to have your super-fantabulous albums!


Sandy + Sonny's wonderful team of vendors:
Ceremony - Mission Sikh Temple
Flowers: Raj- Didi's Flowers
Decor: Cindy's Wedding Center
Hair/Makeup Artist: Raquel Lacson
Reception Outfit: An Abu Jani design from New Delhi
Singer- Sardara Singh Gill