Monday, October 19, 2009

Brooklynn+Cory=True | Wedding Photography

Kelowna Wedding Photography

True. To each other. And to themselves as a couple. Brooklynn & Cory have a love so genuine & real, not even the wettest storm in Kelowna's history (truly- a recordbreaking 34mm of rain fell on their wedding day!) could dampen their spirits! From the moment they saw each other, they couldn't stop smiling.

The couple love the outdoors and Cory proposed to Brooklynn while they were out camping, so they were determined to endure, or perhaps embrace would be the better word, the soaking wet weather no matter what!

She may be an outdoorsy girl at heart, but Brooklynn has got style. Her gorgeous gown & shoes.

And the gorgeous bride herself.

So beautiful & natural. Brooklynn's makeup by the ever-so-charming-incredibly-talented-Vancouverite Nadia Albano (always our fav mua!).

Cory waiting - for quite a while - in the rain by the Bentley.

Flashing a smile once he finds out Brooklynn is ready.

First Look.

Actually, what could be more romantic than a first look rendezvous in the rain? :)

We thought they'd want to dry off, but after their First Look, Brooklynn & Cory hopped the fence & we all hiked up the hill for some portraits.

Then it was off to the lake. Brooklynn's fabulous family friend/interior designer/wedding planner/style guru/mud-stickiness-tester, the amazing Tara of Red Crayon Design helping the couple down to the water.

A few stops in town before heading to the ceremony.

Chris' image:

And mine:

We couldn't resist this old warehouse.

Meetup with the wedding party!

The rain finally let up when we got to Brooklynn's summer home for the ceremony. Guests were invited to kick off their shoes, put on their flipflops, and grabs some lemonade before making their way down to the backyard & the dock.

Ceremony site.

Love the simple & elegant details of their beach wedding. Especially the vintage desk on the end of the dock for the signing.

"We do!"

This cutie-pie joined in after the ceremony.

More simply elegant decor at the reception at Kelowna's Harvest Golf Club

Love this message in a bottle idea for the guests!

It started out as a regular cake-cutting.....

First Dance.

Congratulations, B+C!