Wednesday, August 22, 2007

C+L=Fun Lifestyle Portraiture

Wow! We just love photographing kids! They have such an energy & innocence about them ~ we really feel privileged to capture it with our cameras. The other day we had a great time photographing two absolutely adorable sisters: Hannah and Rachel. It was so fun to see the girls open up to us as the session progressed. Hannah was super-shy at the beginning but when we left she asked her mom to invite us to her sleepover! And by the time Rachel got into her pink tutu, she was hamming it up for us with those big gorgeous eyes!

One of the best parts of this US! Session was when we turned on our answering machine the morning after we sent their parents the slideshow of some of our favourite images. Press play & turn up your volume to hear why we were so happy to hear Hannah & Rachel's mom's message:

What a truly special feeling it is to be able to share in this family's happiness. Here are some more of our favourite images from our afternoon.

Hannah. Eating blackberries...

Playing with dandelions...

Being contemplative...

Flower picking...

And smiling her beautiful smile.

Rachel. What a sweet little princess!

Hamming it up...

A little more serious...

And just being a kid!

My hubby is just a big kid at heart too - I love these silly shots of him with the girls!

Thank you Kathy & Steph for sharing your beautiful family with us! We had such a wonderful time.

We are looking forward to bringing our C+L style to lots more US! Sessions: Lifestyle photography for children and families. We know all our brides love to see our weddings on this blog so we'll be launching our portrait site in September that will keep you all updated on our new collections and albums especially for kids, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and even the family dog!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Me! Sessions

In addition to photographing loads of fabulous weddings this season, we have also been having tons of fun bringing the C+L style to portraiture! Creating images that really reflect who you are at this particular point in your life, whether you're a toddler or a teenager, is just so rewarding.

We've connected with so many great Southridge grads while doing our Me! Sessions & we're so grateful to them for introducing us to an amazing charitable organization: the Cinderella Project! We're really excited about strengthening our bond with the people there who work so hard to help underprivileged teens take pride in their education & celebrate their accomplishments.

Here are some of our favourites from some of our recent portrait sessions.

ME! Session: ERIN

Erin has so much energy & enthusiasm! And she tells the most hilarious stories. She had Chris and I in stitches the entire shoot. She told us she lives her life "as if it's a big adventure" and I know she is going to have tons more stories to tell us after her trip to Australia. Have fun, Erin!

ME! Session: ELISSA

I just love Elissa's smile -there's just that little bit of mischief behind it! Ever since I taught her in Grade Five, she had an amazing creative spark - and now she's headed off to Ryerson to explore her writing further. Knock 'em dead in TO, Elissa!

ME! Session: JAMIE

Jamie is so laid-back and mellow. She has such a sophisticated maturity plus she gave me a great vocabulary lesson - apparently, i need to drop the word 'awesome' and replace it with 'chill'. And with her sense of style, she's definitely my new fashion consultant!

ME! Session: EMILY

Emily's such a natural in front of the camera - she was so relaxed & was up for anything! Whether it was hanging out in front of a rusty (and pretty darn dirty) old warehouse or lounging in the middle of downtown.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Friends +Fun+Learning

We played hooky from the office this week and spent a few days with Mike Larson (California surfer, triathalon addict, gourmet burger-maker & originator of the camera toss) and his equally fabulous wife Rachel on our sailboat in the San Juan Islands.

There's no better way to rejuvenate your creativity than to slow down, take a breath, and watch porpoises break through the glassy ocean...We had a great time talking about life, our goals, and how honoured we feel to work in the world of photography where we get the opportunity every day to build incredible relationships with our clients as well as our fellow photographers.

Chris & I feel so fortunate to have connected with so many talented and giving photographers, here in Vancouver as well as throughout the US. Sharing and learning go hand in hand & we have really been loving having other photographers guest shoot with us & doing the same for them. And we've met some incredible friends along the way.

We're also pretty psyched about the decision we made this season to give five new photographers who are super-eager to learn the opportunity to break out their cameras with us at weddings. Learn by doing - that is our mantra!

Which is also why we're super-stoked to be a part of Revolution: NYC Shooting Sessions this fall. The workshop isn't about listening to lectures, discussing marketing, or all that other business stuff. Instead it's about what we love and what we do best: shooting, baby!

We're joining two very different photographers - cool-as-a-cucumber Westcoaster TJ Cameron& Mr. NYC himself, PJ speed-shooter Jason Groupp for two days of intensive hands-on sessions. The workshop is filling up fast & we're totally excited to meet everyone & have a blast in NYC! Here's a short preview (shot by LauraAnn Cinema) of the fun we're gonna have!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Gwen & Rico's day was so full of smiles and laughter. Both of them have such an exuberance for life and genuine love for each other. We met the couple through the fabulous Yendi+Pat so we knew their wedding day was going to be a blast!

G+R were so much fun, we have literally hundreds and hundreds of favourites from their day! So hard to pick, but here's a few!

Getting ready...

And looking radiant.

Moments before the aislewalk.

The ring-bearer.

Tilt-shift at the ceremony? Why not? :)

Kate+Niko: these two cutie-pies took their jobs very seriously.


Showing the love - Rico and his best man Fred.

All the boys.

Gwen & her girls.

A beautiful bouquet,

For a beautiful bride.

Told you these guys had energy!

I think this image is classic Vancouver - we always try to evoke a sense of place in our images.

The reception was filled with lots of tears and laughter, but when Gwen's sister sang to them as the couple had their first dance together, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Pat+Cyrus+Crown=guaranteed rowdiness!

And the party continued long into the night! Congrats G+R!