Tuesday, February 20, 2007


One of our favourite things to do is B+G sessions. Add to that an incredible location like Havana and a gorgeous couple so in love with life, and we are two very happy photographers!

Before we left for Yendi + Pat's destination wedding, we met with our friends Ernesto and Jackie here in Vancouver. Ernesto came to Canada from Cuba just a few years ago, and he gave us lots of advice and tips for travel there. He also told us about his daughter Arassay, who he hopes will one day be able to join him here.

"She is beautiful inside and out," he said. He is so right.

Arassay welcomed us into her home like we were her own family, even though she had never met us. We felt so honoured to be able to share a small piece of their life: the daily joys of living in such a beautiful country as well as the daily hardships of surviving in a communist country. Spending time with her and Hector opened our eyes to the freedoms we take for granted every day here at home.

Despite its challenges, Cuba is one of the most amazing countries we have ever visited. And Arassay and Hector are two of the most vibrant people we have ever met! They are both dancers (that's how they first met), and they were truly a joy to photograph. One of the few words we know in Spanish is beso so they did a lot of kissing! As well as a lot of laughing at our attempts to communicate!

The beautiful Arassay.
The handsome Hector.Together.It was a lot of fun racing around Havana in a 1950's Chevy convertible, Stopping in a bar for a classic Cuban Mojito,
Dancing in the streets and the plazas,And strolling down the Malecon.
Although Arassay+Hector won't be able to see this blog entry (the internet is banned for them), we can't wait for them to see the images her father will bring with him when he next returns to the country.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Pat and Yendi's Cuba wedding must have been one of the most fun we've ever photographed! It's hard not to smile and laugh around these two - their love for each other and all fifteen of their closest friends is incredible!

We truly want to thank them for asking us to shoot their wedding and flying us down to Cuba. And even more for inviting us to hang with them in Veradero and Havana (even if that does mean we'll never look at another bottle of Crown Royal in the same way ever again!).

It was sooo hard to pick some of our favourite shots from our time with them, but here are a few (okay, a lot).

Gorgeous gown by exclusive Beverley Hills designer Linea Raffaelli.

Getting married!
The ceremony locale was hard to beat.
The guys started celebrating early...With some habanos.Here comes the bride...
Celebration! Pat and his posse.

Yendi and the girls having fun.Dance until sundown!Our B+G session in Havana was sweet!
One of my very favourites...
Time for a ride...to the castle.
Congratulations, guys! We're so glad we got to be there while you lived out your dream destination wedding!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Wow! What an amazing experience it was to visit Cuba! We were so excited when we met adventurous bride & groom Yendi+Pat and they told us their plans for a destination wedding there. And when we arrived in the country several days early, it was everything we imagined and more.

We spent our first few days in Havana being tourists, taking in the sites. And the colours!

Such contrasts - the grand architecture and its decay... We loved shooting the rich textures of the city streets in Black&White (we got a little obsessed with doorways)...

One of our favourite things to do was walk (and shoot!) along the Malecón.
These two images show the Castillo el Morro in the distance, where we shot a fantabulicious B+G session with Pat and Yendi. Images from their amazing destination wedding up next!